Top 3 Fitness Tips-Fact or Fiction by Fitness Model Chuck Strogish

Top 3 Fitness Tips-Fact or Fiction by Fitness Model Chuck Strogish

Between reading  from a fitness magazine here and there, ads from supplement stores and online, and fitness blogs, it’s pretty easy to fall into pit falls of information that is just flat out untrue.

The benefit of reading the Bare Fit blog is that you are getting first hand information from someone who is a master level certified personal trainer, and long time professional fitness model. I worked and prepped my body to do over 5 different underwear companies and was  one of them only male models that is not a pro sports player to be on the cover of Under Armours home page for a big promotion.

Fitness model Chuck Strogish, the Bare Fit Sweat Proof Gym Shirt available now. Click pic to buy.

Fitness model Chuck Strogish, the Bare Fit Sweat Proof Gym Shirt available now. Click pic to buy.

Without knowing what to do to my body, I would fall into the same pitfalls, but for me, it would cost me a job so I can’t let that happen. And i don’t want to let that happen to you either. Learn how to avoid 3 of the big ones here now with me. Here are the top 3 fitness tips that either fact or fiction by me, fitness model Chuck Strogish.

Number 1 Fitness Tip

Doing ab crunches or ab machines for your ab workouts will burn belly fat

Unfortunately, even though we have alot of control over manipulating our bodies, we are unable to target one specific area to burn fat on. You can either burn fat, or not burn fat. Be in fat burning mode, or not be in fat burning mode. Everyone is different into where they hold more fat. Some hold more fat in their legs then belly, and vice versa.

Either way, to melt belly fat, you need to combine(fat burning cardio,raise metabolism,cut calories) to be in that mode.

Simply doing ab crunches or ab workouts alone will strengthen your core and make your abs look better when you do remove enough belly fat, but to remove belly fat, you need to remove fat in general first.



Fitness Tip 2

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough

Sweating is a great way to show that you are hydrated and your body is cooling itself off. But to judge on whether or not you are working hard enough, it is not a good way to go based on that. You can burn alot of calories and burn fat, and build lean muscle without sweating much.

Sometimes bodybuilders and fitness models will take a light week, which includes walking and light exertion weight lifting and not breaking much sweat at all, but it still is highly effective at reaching results as long as you do it right.


Fitness Tip 3

Cardio will boost your metabolism for hours after you finish working out.

Even though your metabolism will slightly be higher after your workout for hours, it is not much at all or statistically worth it to take into consideration.

With weight training however, your metabolism will be very high for hours after your workout, even though with cardio, you are burning more at the time being during the cardio session.

Look at it this way…cardio(walking,running,jogging,etc) is short term for high calorie burning now. Say you burn 600 calories in an hour doing cardio. But only 20 calories throughout the day after from a raised metabolism. So you have 620 total. Then weight training, the calories burned during that hour is lower, say 350, but you end up on average with 100 calories burned more with weight training. Plus, any muscle you build also equals a higher metabolism because more muscle means more calorie burning. Weight lifting is also like saving your money for the ling run as well.

Your best bet is to weight train 3-5 times a week, and do a cardio session after each weight training session to get the benefits of both. Remember to rest properly of course for recovery and reap the benefits.


Chuck Strogish fitness blog

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Top 3 Fitness Tips-Fact or Fiction by Fitness Model Chuck Strogish



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