A Secret To The Perfect Lean Body Building Protein Shake In 30 Seconds or Less

Here is the quick, cost effective way to get leaner, build more muscle, and kill stubborn belly fat.


It takes 30 seconds to make and is cheaper than buying whey protein powders that sometimes don’t even taste that good anyways. Or don’t mix easily or right. To hell with cleaning blenders everyday,too.

I don’t do any of that crap and I get as lean as I want in less time, and save alot more money doing it.

Instead of regular chocolate milk, don’t use anything but Fairlife chocolate milk. It is 13 grams of protein per cup instead of 8 grams for regular. Plus, this stuff is lactose free and half the sugar too. Huge for trying to get lean.

What you do is put a cup of liquid egg white substitute in a cup, and a cup of the Fairlane chocolate milk and stir. Then microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy.

It tastes great and give you over 30 grams of protein with low fat,carbs and lower sugar. You can’t beat it.

You can find it at Sams club in double packages, just buy the egg whites while you are there,too. Might as well.

Drink one for breakfast if you are on the run and ALWAYS after a weight training session. It will be like TIMES 3 results mode doing it if you workout 3-5 times a week with weight and machines.

You’ll burn fat like an animal and look better much sooner.



Other protein powders work good too, but what works the best? Whatever you consistently drink and enjoy does because you actually do it consistently. That’s the key. If you have expensive hardcore protein powder laying around but you only use it here and there, it’s worthless.

Who can’t drink chocolate milk that takes 30 seconds to stir and make? This is setting you up for success. And the info is free.

Use it!

Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model,Master Certified Personal Trainer


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