How To Build Muscle and Look Better In The Gym

This article is going to teach you definite ways on how to build muscle and look better in the gym starting now.

Keep in mind, this is meant to be a few simple tips for you to use now and see it working soon. It’s a proven way to encourage muscles to start improving and rebuilding without.

1.If you don’t workout at a gym or have access to weights and machines, you should go to one and hire a trainer to show you the basics so that you can get to the tips in this article.

2.If you already workout with weights and machines at the gym or home, but aren’t seeing the results you would like, this article is for you.

3.Building quality muscle needs to be at the right rep range and you need to make a few tweaks on how you eat. When I say quality muscle, I mean building the muscle while preventing lots of fat accumulation as well. This is to build muscle to look better as a regular person, not for extreme purposes like competing in a non tested bodybuilding competition. This will give you results the right way to look better sooner for your own desires.

4.Do 4-5 sets of each exercise with 7 reps. If you get 7 easily, you know to increase the weight slightly the next set. Stop at the 7th rep regardless. Then if you get 7 easily, increase the weight even more. If you get only 5 reps, you know to lower the weight a little bit for the next go at it.

5.This will assure you are challenging yourself to be able to build muscle. Try to split up each bodypart over 3-5 workouts. How many workouts you do each week will dictate which or how many muscle groups you will need to do each workout. Do either upper or lower abs after each workout and obliques once per week if 3 days and take a day or two of in between if training 5. The reason for this is to keep your abs in shape under your stomach when you are building muscle. So that when you build enough muscle, you can begin adding in some cardio and carb cutting to start to see your abs that you been working at.

6.Clean up your nutrition as much as you can so that you are making results but aren’t quitting or feeling overwhelmed. If you eat any junk, drink pop, ice cream, fast food, etc you will just stop this as much as possible and switch to foods that work to get your body faster while you’re training.

7.Switch to drinking diet pops, water, green tea, diet iced tea, etc. This is the easiest place to cut physique killing sugars and carbs. If you must eat fast food, ditch the fries, and eat two protein packed burgers instead. See where I’m getting at? The key is to improve each notch, but not quit the program. Everyone is different.

8.If you can eat grilled chicken, brown rice, and broccoli 5 or 6 times a day, of course you’re going to get alot faster results while training then eating hamburgers 5 or 6 times a day. It all comes down to training the right way hard, and getting more protein, while finding a way to keep fat intake decent and sugars and carbs alot lower. This will help you look better in the gym while training and create more motivation to take your food choices a bit further for even better results.


Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model, Master Certified Fitness Coach


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