How To Lose Belly Fat-Treadmill Vs Elliptical

How To Lose Belly Fat-Treadmill Vs Elliptical

As a fitness model, having the least amount of belly fat is essential for work purposes. I want to write this fitness article to help you be more efficient at burning fat, and specifically belly fat by giving you tips, plus pros and cons of using a treadmill and an elliptical.

In the effort to save time and energy, it is important to tackle it the right way and be led down the right path from the get go. Or else you will make mistakes that cost you alot of time making up while reaching your goal. I’ve made these mistakes at one point, and anyone reading this has experienced a few.

To lose belly fat, like in previous articles I write, don’t be mislead thinking you can lose only fat around your belly. You must lose fat in general and then genetics takes it’s course on if it decides to go after your legs,belly,arms, or whichever body part your body holds and reduces more fat in.

To burn fat, you have to do bat burning activities, and before long, you will not need to wonder how to lose belly fat anymore.

So what’s better? Treadmill or Elliptical?

Here are some pro’s and cons quickly to start off to help you decide which one to choose. Either way, as long as you are doing one of these 60 minutes a day 3-5 days a week, you will be making progress. The other factors I will talk about shirtly.

@ChuckStrogish Twitter Author of this Bare Fit Blog

@ChuckStrogish Twitter
Author of this Bare Fit Blog

Treadmill Pro’s

  • Burns more calories because of the physical impact of taking steps and strides.
  • Easier to use, most people opt for ellipticals in the gym, and treadmills are readily available at all times for the most part.
  • Builds up muscles in your legs, again from the impact of your feet on the floor.

Elliptical Pro’s

  • Easier on our joints and can be performed by mostly anyone without getting shin splints, or pain in your knees or other parts.
  • Easier to do after a challenging leg weight training workout.
  • Enables you to hit different muscles quickly by going in reverse motion or adjusting the incline on the fly without slowing down.

Treadmill Cons

  • Pretty restricted to overall fat burning and quads, doesn’t do much for your hamstrings or butt, unless you go at it at a steep incline setting.
  • Can cause joint paint in the long run if your shoes don’t fit correctly or simply from years of impact of running or jogging.

Elliptical Cons

  • Easy to fall into a momemtum workout of setting the resistence to easy and strolling along. You won’t break past the further results threshold if you’re not aware of it eventually. You will still burn calories and fat, just not as many or as fast.
  • Doesn’t burn as many calories or as much fat compared to treadmill in general.

With that said, you can see that they are both effective and ultimately aim to do the same thing. It comes to preference and current state of fitness you’re in. I prefer to mix it up with both if possible, but if you workout at home and don’t have access to them, they are both great at burning fat, and especially belly fat once you get into the routine of 3-5 60 minute sessions per week.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to do 3-5 60 minute long cardio sessions forever. Once you are happy with where you are, and lost the fat, you can reduce it to 3-5 30 minute sessions and etc. Go by how you look, but do it consistently to see how you’re doing. by each week.

To put yourself in the best mode for fat burning, specifically with the goal of wanting to stop asking yourself how to lose belly fat, you should follow these fitness nuggets along with the info mentioned above.

While you’re doing 3-5 60 minute sessions this first week, maximize yourself easily by following several easy to do tips


  • Drink 1 gallon of water plain or mixed with green tea extract daily. Huge for your metabolism and hydration to be in max fat burning mode.
  • Cut out sugars as much as you can, and keep carbs limited to complex carbs for the week such as sweet potato, oatmeal, and brown or basmati rice. You can still have some carbs and not completely quit everything, but look at how you eat, and reduce carbs and sugar.
  • Increase protein sources in your nutrition like extra lean steak and ground beef,fresh fish like tilapia and orange roughy, and also grilled chicken and egg whites.
  • Only use good fats like omega 3 butter to cook with slicken up the pan, almonds,walnuts,brazil nuts,avocado,and egg yolks moderately. Even peanut butter as a snack with some celery or apples.
  • Focus on eating broccoli, asaparagus, greek yogurt, and supplement with multivitamin, protein powder shakes,magnesium,zinc,fish oil, and vitamin D(in winter months).
  • Drink green tea in your water and have a cup of black tea at night or take green tea extract pills an hour before each 60 minute treadmill or elliptical session.

With these basic tips, remember it is only as you go by the week. Combine your cardio and nutrition tips here for a week and see where you stand. If you mess up, re group and the next week is another shot . If you can get both down, you will see great and fast results.

How to lose belly fat won’t be a question anymore for you, you will know how to do it by gaining some successes with these tips. All you will need to work on is consistency and another spot on week.

Before you know it, you will be where you want to be. And of course, adding in weight training sessions will make it go even faster because adding muscle will add a big boost to your natural fat burning throughout the day each day.

Focus on these for now and try it out for the next 7 days.

Chuck Strogish, Fitness Model. Follow Twitter @ChuckStrogish

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How To Lose Belly Fat-Treadmill Vs Elliptical

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