Creatine and Protein-When and How To Use Them Wisely

Male or female, creatine and protein are two of the most studied and proven supplements to be healthy and effective at making your body leaner and stronger when used in conjunction with weight training.

The biggest keys to both creatine and protein mostly lies in with when it’s taken and how much. If you know these tips, you are going to know how to get leaner and stronger faster, while being safe and healthy at the same time. Read on to learn right now how to use them both to give you maximum benefits of weight training to reach your goals that much faster.

How to Use Creatine and How Much Should I Take?

  • To keep it simple and effective, use what is studied most and is proven to work. Take 10 grams of creatine monohydrate either during your workout mixed in water or a sports drink, or after your workout is over.
  • To make it even easier, only take it on days you weight train, and the days you don’t, don’t worry about taking it. This saves you the hassle of having to take it everyday, which will get old and you might just quit taking it all together if that happens. Keep it simple and consistent with this to be most effective.
  • Creatine needs to be an off and on type deal, or else it will become less effective the longer you use it. Avoid this by only taking it on the days you weight train, be it 3-5 days per week or so.
  • It will pull water and nutrients into your muscle cells to create an ideal environment for you to improve and grow. Plus, drinking at least a gallon of water a day will allow fat burning to happen and along with creatine, it will make your body even more efficient at it.
Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish Talking About Creatine and Protein

Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish Talking About Creatine and Protein

How to Use Protein and When Should I Take It?

  • With protein, you can get it in good forms such as fresh fish,grilled chicken,lean steaks, etc. But you can also supplement it in a protein shake as well to give you the benefits you need if you aren’t eating those foods as much as you should. You should aim to get around 20-50 grams of protein in a given serving or meal. Each person absorbs it differently, so saying in this range will assure you aren’t wasting it and are absorbing it all for your benefit.
  • Remember this. Whey protein absorbs fast so take it right after your workout for benefits. Casein protein like found in eating cottage cheese, absorbs slower so it’s best to take either in the morning or before bed since you might not see a meal for over a few hours, it will stay inside you and use it slowly for you.  There are supplements that use a mixture of the two which is ideal, but can be a bit pricey. If after a workout, don’t be afraid to add bananas, peanut butter, low fat milk, and any fruit because at this time after working out, your body will use the sugars and calories to benefit you more. Any other time, use water and just the protein in the shake to stay in fat burning mode and keep the carbs lower.

By knowing how to use certain foods and supplements, you can easily know what you’re doing is the path to success following reaching your goal.

This will help you reach that goal faster, and give you the peace of mind doing it. As a fitness model for 5 years, I needed to use this consistently to look my best for companies I was going to do photoshoots with for their ads.

They are proven techniques and will work effectively and in a healthy way for anyone, male or female. Females should not be afraid of the word creatine, actually, most females in figure or fitness competitions use it in their workouts to look the way they do and so should you.

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Creatine and Protein-When and How To Use Them Wisely


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