Effective Training Splits To Maximize Results Trying To Burn Fat

Here are a couple effective training splits for you to maximize your results when trying to burn fat.

Whether it be for an event, or change of season,people want to shed some fat and get leaner for alot of different reasons.

The good news is, these work regardless. The bad news is, well, if you never implement the info into your life right, nothing will change.

This fitness article is for those who are not only going to read this, but get off their asses and do something about it.

Instead of trying alot of different crap on the internet, might as well cut out the guessing game and just use what works. This works. It will ensure proper training and rest/recovery.

Training Split A plus jumping rope for 20 minutes after each workout is complete.

Monday-Chest or shoulders,Triceps


Wed-Legs, Traps,Calves

Thurs-Shoulders or Chest,Triceps,Abs/Obliques

Fri-60 mins cardio

Sat-Off or 60 Mins Cardio


Training Split B. Plus 20 minutes of fast pace elliptical,treadmill,bicycle. Or fast walking if you can’t run or jog yet.

Monday-Chest AND Shoulders,Traps



Thursday-Arms(biceps and triceps),abs/obliques

Friday-60 mins cardio


Sunday-Off or Repeat Monday and repeat week depending on how your body feels if it needs the extra rest day or not.

After you do each workout and cardio, it is crucial now that you take in protein,carbs,fats,and sugars. This is the only time of the day sugars will benefit you, and also carbs and fats is more important now than anytime as well.

You can buy expensive protein supplements or spending the time to cook some kind of meal, but the truth is the average person eventually will say screw this if too time consuming. Which is fine because I understand if you’re not competing or needing to be that strict, then you don’t have to.

The cheap and easy way to do this above to always have

1.Low fat chocolate milk near you or close by.

2.Cartons of liquid egg whites also.

Now although most people are split 50/50 on whether to drink egg whites raw, I put a cup of egg whites in the glass, then fill up at least a cup of low fat chocolate milk(more if you prefer).

I microwave it for 20-30 seconds. I do this only because I feel it works well and cooking the egg white liquid enough not to be raw and digest all of the protein instead of supposedly only have of it by drinking it raw.

Some people drink egg whites raw for a long time and love it. Some people say drinking it raw won’t allow you to absorb half of the protein.

So I meet the debate in the middle and microwave the cup of chocolate milk and egg whites just enough to technically not be eating it raw, but not enough to have chunks of cooked eggs in the chocolate milk.

It is the best,cheapest, and quickest way to make an instant high protein shake and get all of what you need to make your workouts reach results alot faster.

This are secret that pro’s use and now that you know how to start burning fat faster, you know the rest of your results will come on what you do before the workout and after your chocolate egg white shake.  This will at least give you a great system to start in, if you do exactly what it says above.

People will ask how many reps to do and sets on the training split.

Warm up a set for each new body part with a light set that don’t count. Than do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.

When I say 8-12 reps I mean, go for 10, if you accidentally put on too much weight and get 8, or not enough and get 12, you’re still in the best range.

This rep range will assure you are challenging yourself to build muscle, and more muscle means more metabolism and fat burning. Then it comes down to recovery and nutrition. The training split allows you to recover good and the after workout shake made above will assure you get everything you need.

Add in a cleaner nutrition program before and after your workouts, and the results will come even faster depending on how clean you get and how you use carbs in your daily routine.

Chuck Strogish

Master certified fitness trainer and fitness model



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