About Bare Fit

Bare Fit provides The Weight Loss Method e-book,and free workout and diet tips endorsed by fitness model Chuck Ryan Strogish.

About Bare Fit

  • Free fitness articles, diet tips, and quality advice on how to get and keep the best body of your life. Written by 7 year professional fitness model and master certified personal trainer Chuck Strogish.
  • Enjoy real and effective tips for free. Chuck has won over 100 paid fitness modeling jobs since 2009 with many different brands. Under Armour,Undergear.com,Hanesbrands,Reebok,Dicks Sporting Goods,FreshPair.com,”Filthy” and “Hard” C-IN2 Underwear Campaigns,Bare Necessities,and many more.
  • Please donate $15 today to help keep the content completely free, and in return, get your free Bare Fit T Shirt in the mail.

About Weight Loss Method by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts and online Training Endorsed by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts and online Training Endorsed by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish


  • Chuck Strogish gives you the exact process to carb cycle. Follow his cut and dry plan that works everytime. No guesswork and proven to work professionally. Used by fitness models and bodybuilders alike. Puts your body in “fat burning mode” so that any training you do is supercharged and the results come faster.
  • The book is meant to be quick, not too much info to think about, and direct. Only giving you what to do now, and shows you immediately how to get started. The only thing keeping you from burning fat is either not getting the book or not following the easy steps.

Instantly download and purchase Weight Loss Method now and play the game to serious fat burning results. Play 3 levels and complete each level for better results.

Purchase and receive instantly for only $3.50 at the Weight Loss Method Order Form.

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For the real deal, 30 days of training 1 on 1 with fitness model Chuck Strogish. This isn’t for everyone and but the results are vast, and last a lifetime. Your whole life will be changed in 30 days. Only the serious apply and allow to be in captivity for 30 days. Just like a bootcamp, you will be challenged but the rewards will be priceless. Apply today and reserve your month out of 12 now.

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