Workout With Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Wherever You Are In The World, If You Have 30 Days, I have Your Life Changing Formula.

Train and Workout With Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish Is Available To 1 Person Monthly Each Month.

You will fly to Pittsburgh,Pa and stay for 30 days in a hotel to meet Chuck daily to change your workout, diet, and lifestyle. For when you leave, you will be a different man or woman.

Not only will you look your best in these 30 days, more importantly, you will live a new lifestyle and be more improved in health,confidence,conditioning,coordination,agility,strength,balance,and stamina.

workout with fitness model chuck ryan strogish

workout with fitness model chuck ryan strogish

Here is the cost:

  • $10,000
  • 30 days includes 20 weight training days and 10 fat burning cardio days. Full diet provided for you to eat while here and gym membership access to attend with Chuck.
  • Payment is made upon arrival. You will need to workout hotel plans for here and travel. once you arrive, your program will be hard and intensive, but your life will change and so will your body.
  • Chuck will put you through exactly what it takes to change your body through exercise and diet. He used this same process to work for a bunch of fitness and underwear companies and over 100 paid modeling jobs. He is also a master certified fitness trainer and loves to help people, but only if they give him their full time and effort to really want to change. He can’t work in a health club seeing many people every day, he only wants the full attention on one person per month to really make a big difference in that persons life.


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