Two Serious Ways To Get Bigger Arms

Getting bigger arms has some similarities like the rest of your body, but also has some differences in how you approach it.

Yeah, the same holds true for the rest of your body and depends on how much you are challenging your arms to grow, your genetics, your nutrition, your rest, the volume of training, and how well you mix up your routine to recruit new muscle fibers to be worked.

The differences in your arms are two things.

1.Make them more a priority. Especially your triceps.  Make one whole day each week to do nothing but your arms, with triceps getting the majority of your built up energy. Your triceps growing will make your arms look bigger than just your biceps growing. So remember that.

2. Train your arm heavy with 8-12 rep range, but also keep good form.

Besides that, you can go on normally and do what you’d do for the rest of your body to bulk up or make yourself more muscular. Train 4-5 days a week, eat ALOT but as clean as you can, and drink a ton of water.

After you get bigger, you can then cut the carbs down and increase the cardio to slowly start melting fat to have lean arms, but bigger this time. Don’t overdo it too fast with carbs and cardio, or else your arms and the rest of you will start losing muscle again as well. Inch up to it.

That’s some tips on how to get bigger arms in a nutshell.

Now that you know how, the trick is to do it correctly and stick to it without going off the path. Takes discipline.


Pittsburgh Master level trainer, fitness model.

Chuck Strogish

How To Get Bigger Arms


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