3 Fitness Tips To See Changes Now Besides Working Out

Everyone knows to get in shape, you have to work out. And of course eat cleaner than you were and hardcore if you want to compete in fitness.

But just for 3-5 day a week gym goer, what can you do to start seeing changes, like fast?

Here’s 3 Fitness Tips To See Changes Now Besides Working Out

Tip 1: Any day you work out, you must take 3000-4000 milligrams of L-Carnitine daily.

Why? Because L-Carnitine really does fucking work! It works wonderfully for being healthy and legal.

Downfalls? It is a little tiny bit pricey. But not so much it’s not worth it. Get the high dosage liquid in the largest size bottle you can find because it’s 3000 mg for a tablespoon  and the pills are like 500 mg. You have to eat like 6-8 pills a day to get the amount you need for it to work. Screw that! Get the liquid.

Drink a sip in the morning, pre workout, and post workout…everyday.  That will spread out your dosage and give you around the needed 3000-4000 daily for it to seriously work.

It works because in that dosage, it will be enough to tell your fat stored in your mitochondria to be used a fuel, so you burn fat more. That means you get leaner,shed some weight, and if you’re already in good shape, get shredded!!!

It also is a good way to prevent your body eating up your muscle also, very good for maintaining muscle while breaking it down working out. You’ll keep more muscle this you’ll burn more fat because more muscle burns more fat.

You can just sip it on an empty stomach or for the best results, eat a tiny bit of carbs with it to make it work it’s best.

It’s like $20-$50 for a bottle of it that will last less than a month. So it’s pricey, but worth it. Do it every other month if too much.

Nothing comes easy if you want to have the body you want to have. You gotta work hard,smart,consistent, and spend some money to fuel your body.

Tip 2: Take fish oils daily. Taking fish oils will allow you to move better and oil up your joints. You’re going to need this since you will be working hard physically to get the work in needed to get results.

Fish oils will help burn fat also, combined with the L-Carnitine.

Take them daily and every day, try not to miss any.

Tip 3:Change your snacking to nothing but veggies,fruits,nuts,seeds,low sodium jerky(beef,turkey,whatever) and edamame beans.

Edamame beans? WTF is that? They are extremely cheap,high in protein, and low in carbs, sugars,and fat.

Some say it’s soy protein so it will boost estrogen in males? Whateverrrrrrrr. Even if it does, it is so minor of an increase that it’s not worth even thinking about it. Eat them up,they work great and taste good also.

Once you are working out 3-5 days a week, taking your L-Carnitine 3 times day, taking your fish oils daily, and changing the way you snack, things change really quick.

Now you have a consistent base to tweak from. Now your next level is to eat cleaner main meals,eat more smaller meals of cleaner foods,do more cardio,workout harder and smarter, rest smarter, cut out as much things that hurt you like partying,staying up late,drinking,etc.

kaboom! You’ll be fit in no time and notice alot of changes from yourself and how people look at you.

Try it out, I made it simple to get started without too much to do and end up quitting. Focus on these 3 tips and succeed.


1 Day Fitness Model Diet by Chuck Strogish

Here is the 1 Day Fitness Model Diet by Chuck Strogish

Instead of being bombarded with fitness diets,workouts,and tips that you have to follow for months at a time, use this 1 day fitness model diet to be able to follow whenever you feel like getting serious with how you look and feel.

You can use this diet one day a week or increase the number of days to get better and faster results. It is flexible for you to experiment and follow how big the difference really is when dieting right and working out then just working out and eating whatever.

I’m not going to put in what times exactly to eat this because that’s when people are like screw this, I’m not trying to revolve my life around cooking and eating. That’s fine, you don’t need to do that to get results, you will however need to be that precise if you have big goals for yourself competing or wanting to workout as a living. But if you have a good job and just want to look better and feel better, this is for you.

Seriously,Here is the 1 Day Fitness Model Diet by Chuck Strogish


When you wake up, whenever that be, 5 a.m, 11 a.m it doesn’t matter just worry about eating this.

1 cup of egg whites mixed and scrambled with 2 whole eggs inside of that with pieces of asparagus inside.

Topped with hot sauce or ketchup.

1 or 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with a little bit of omega 3 fatty acid butter.

Some blueberries,black berries, or raspberries



Almonds,sunflower seeds,veggies and light ranch dip or light any dressing to dip,salad or a light string cheese, or a cup of rice and beans.

Fitness Model Chuck Strogish For C-in2 Hard Campaign

Fitness Model Chuck Strogish For C-in2 Hard Campaign



Either grilled chicken,lean steak,or tilapia filets. As much as you want with either  broccoli and light cheese or omega 3 butter, or asparagus, or a sweet potato or half a potato, or mixed veggies, or some rice.



Multi vitamin, fish oils in morning. Vitamin c 1000 mg in afternoon, and magnesium plus zinc before bed.



Choose from above list or add any fresh berries to it as well.



Same as lunch, mix it up from those choices and eat as much of those as you’d like.


Ricotta cheese and any fruit you like mixed together.



If you get the urge to wake up and eat, keep hard boiled eggs or celery with light cream cheese or peanut butter in the fridge to have ready to snack on.

**Add in any protein shakes throughout the day as well like after your workout. If not after weight training, keep the carbs low in the shake, if after weight training, don’t be afraid of the carbs and higher sugar as these wont hurt you during this time of after weight training.


Use this diet any day you want to try and get on a serious roll of looking better faster. I tried to keep it tasty enough to do, but also saying strict with the food choices for results.

I use this myself a week or two out from fitness shoots for advertisements and It works well. As long you allow yourself to have a high carb day every few days of this diet as its a low carb diet designed to help you reduce carbs and burn fat, just don’t forget to have a day to load carbs after a few of these or else you’ll get sluggish and tired. But use this a few days in a row to supercharge fat burning and results along with working out and the proper rest.


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