Training Split To Build More Muscle Now

Here’s a good training split to build more muscle now.

Everyone knows you gotta train,eat cleaner, and do it consistently to see results.

Well they should put in there that it’s not good enough to do those. You have to do each one correctly, or at least one of them to start seeing results and make in game changes as you go.

If you’re tuning a car, you don’t just buy a canned general tune and know that your car will run to it’s max. The way to do that is a dyno custom tune so that the tuner can make tweaks as he or she goes to get the best combo for your individual car.

You’re the tuner for your body, you must learn how to tune, and then do it on a daily basis. And remember to take cheat days to give yourself a mental vacation and see where you currently are before you dive back in to trying to get results.

Here’s the training split to start doing.

Day 1 Legs,Calves,Traps

Day 2 Chest,Obliques

Day 3 Back, Lower Abs

Day 4 Shoulders,Calves

Day 5 Arms,Upper Abs

With this split, you don’t worry about what day of the week it is, just what you worked on last so that you know what’s next.

If you do the split and end with arm day, you can take 1 or 2 or 3 days off, whichever you feel your body needs. Then you repeat Day 1 and go in order to Day 5. If you need a day off in between, just pick up where you left off.

You can change up your rep ranges, exercises, and rest period times but keep the workout split the same so that you can make adjustments.

It’s easy to follow and assures you’re getting enough rest in between workouts for each body part. It also gives you the day to focus on nothing but what matters most, the big muscle group, and then abs so that you are getting up your heart rate to burn fat while forming a stronger core in the meantime.

Stretch in between your sets for the muscle you are working on quickly, don’t bother to stretch before or after your workouts.

Til Next Time

Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model,Master Certified Trainer.


Most Effective Exercise For Each Body Part

Even though muscle fibers and the way workout variables like reps and amount of training volume will differ from person to person because everyone is different, in general, my opinion on the most effective exercise for each body part are these.

best exercises

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Quads(front legs)

  • Squats are the best. But if you don’t want to do those, the next choice is leg presses. If you want to work your quads, do leg presses with different weights, and reps. Change up the stances from narrow to wide, and feet up high or low on platform, and do them until you can’t anymore. And one more thing, the form has to be good, so be honest with yourself about the amount of weight that is challenging. And you will see results.

Hamstrings/Rear Leg-Butt

  • Without a doubt, the walking lunge is the best. Remember to take slow long strides so that your knee almost touches the ground, and when you step up, squeeze your butt in to finish off the rep. Do these with light weight and move up to heavier to really feel it and notice good results. Can be done anywhere outside.


  • If you can do pullups right, do them. And add weight to your waist if you can easily do more than 3 sets of 12 good reps. Take a second at the bottom and hang there to stretch out your lats, don’t rush through it. If you can honestly get 5 good reps, work your way up to 12, before adding weight. Your back will look awesome. Change up the grips from wide, to close, to neutral, to under hand to hit your back in different ways.


  • If done right, the flat bench press. But many don’t do it right, so the next best choice is any kind of incline press, whether it be with machines, dumbbells or barbells. Make it a priority to hit that upper chest with presses and flys, and then do your middle chest once your energy is down and form is more important.


  • Standing overhead press with dumbbells or barbells. Stand up an don’t lock out your elbows at the top, come down a little past your chin, and bang it out. Another one is lateral raises. When standing up, raise your arms out to the side like airplane wings, and take it slow and repeat to feel your shoulders doing the work.


  • Shrugs will give you a better muscular look, simply hold weights to your side, and raise up with your neck an shoulders while keeping your arms loose. Really feel it at the top.


  • My personal favorite is skull crushers. With a curl bar, lay on your back and keep your elbows bent. press up to lock out your arms and lower down right in front of your face, and repeat. Bodyweight dips are also great for getting a good pump for results.


  • Barbell curls from different widths and grips and good form. Spider or close grip, to ultra wide, and do lots of sets and reps to exhaust from 6 reps, up to as many as 20.

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