Training Split To Build More Muscle Now

Here’s a good training split to build more muscle now.

Everyone knows you gotta train,eat cleaner, and do it consistently to see results.

Well they should put in there that it’s not good enough to do those. You have to do each one correctly, or at least one of them to start seeing results and make in game changes as you go.

If you’re tuning a car, you don’t just buy a canned general tune and know that your car will run to it’s max. The way to do that is a dyno custom tune so that the tuner can make tweaks as he or she goes to get the best combo for your individual car.

You’re the tuner for your body, you must learn how to tune, and then do it on a daily basis. And remember to take cheat days to give yourself a mental vacation and see where you currently are before you dive back in to trying to get results.

Here’s the training split to start doing.

Day 1 Legs,Calves,Traps

Day 2 Chest,Obliques

Day 3 Back, Lower Abs

Day 4 Shoulders,Calves

Day 5 Arms,Upper Abs

With this split, you don’t worry about what day of the week it is, just what you worked on last so that you know what’s next.

If you do the split and end with arm day, you can take 1 or 2 or 3 days off, whichever you feel your body needs. Then you repeat Day 1 and go in order to Day 5. If you need a day off in between, just pick up where you left off.

You can change up your rep ranges, exercises, and rest period times but keep the workout split the same so that you can make adjustments.

It’s easy to follow and assures you’re getting enough rest in between workouts for each body part. It also gives you the day to focus on nothing but what matters most, the big muscle group, and then abs so that you are getting up your heart rate to burn fat while forming a stronger core in the meantime.

Stretch in between your sets for the muscle you are working on quickly, don’t bother to stretch before or after your workouts.

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Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model,Master Certified Trainer.


How To Train Your Body Better For Faster Changes

When you are going to put in a good amount of time and energy into something, it is so much more fun when you see real benefits to it. I’m going to tell you how to lay out training your body better, so that you experience those benefits and changes faster rather than later.

Goal: Burn Fat, Be More Lean, Not Too Muscular, Sexier

  • With this goal, first thing is first. You need to be in a mode which you are burning fat, but you need to be challenging your muscles as well.

You are going to need 5 weight training days per week, and 2 rest days. You will split up your body parts so that in 5 days, you cover them all, and allow each to rest properly in between.

  • Time to add in cardio sessions to be done after each weight training session, try to keep the weight training to 30 to 45 minutes and 20-45 minutes of cardio.

Reduce general carb intake and only eat complex carbs most of the time, with a few simple carbs in there after workouts. By doing this, your body will have no choice to burn up more fat instead of energy from carbs. I would still do 1 high carb day per week to avoid overtraining and becoming too fatigued.


Goal-Build Muscle, Gain Weight, Be Stronger, Gain Confidence

  • With these goals, you are going to need to sacrifice some cuts and veins in your physique to put on more muscle.

This calls for no cardio except for walks or daily activities you go about doing. It also calls for calories and lots of them. Your quality of muscle will depend on where the calories come from, but you need to eat alot.

  • Your workout program will be 3 days of training. Monday,Wednesday,Friday type of deal. You need to lift heavier and challenge yourself alot in each workout, as you will have plenty of energy and rest to support that. Workout for at least an hour to 1.5 hours and heavy with good form. Burn out every set and get that tired pump.

Drink a big carb and protein drink after your workouts and add in meal replacement shakes to your diet with high calorie foods like peanut butter and milk and muscle expanding supplements like creatine.

  • Remember, for all goals and workouts, you need at least 1 gallon of water every single day you’re doing it to get the most benefits out of training your body for faster changes.

I gave two examples here on how to lay out your goal, you can change your goals and change your platform.

Also, you learned how many days you workout compared to rest and the training split, will effect how your goals get reached. 3 and 5 days were listed here for each goal, but if you train 4, you can expect that to be a good number to maybe get benefits of both if you just want to be a little more muscular and in shape, but nothing too crazy as far as very muscular or very lean. You decide and now you know how to start each time.

Chuck Strogish is a fitness model and used this process to prep for shoots for companies like Under Armour, C-in2 Underwear campaigns and more.

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How To Break Down a 24 Hour Fitness Lifestyle With Training Splits

If you’re someone motivated as heck about getting what you want, fitness is no different. To get it, you have to have that 24 hour fitness lifestyle  of not only working out the right way consistently, but also to get it done right the other 23 hours of the day too.

I’m going to help you break down that hectic 24 hour fitness lifestyle into storage compartments of organization to do to things. One, is to split up your week to make it more manageable, and two is to make it more effective on you to get results faster than before.

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Here’s a few example training splits a fitness model does preparing for a shoot to get in the best shape. Use these yourself to make sure you are using a strategy that is already proven very effective to maximize.

  • Cut/Leaner/Burn More Calories/5 Training Days Per Week
  • A 5 day split is allowing you to train each body part more on it’s own and allowing you more calories to be burned with 5 workouts.  Example would be Monday is Back/Biceps/Abs, Tuesday is Chest/Triceps,Wednesday is Legs/Butt/Calves,Thursday is Shoulders/Traps/Lower Abs,Friday is Arms,Obliques,Calves. Saturday and Sunday are OFF days to repair and rebuild.
  • Build Muscle/Gain Strength/Grow/3 Training Days Per Week.
  • Example would be Monday is Chest/Back/Abs, Wednesday is Legs/Calves/Obliques and Friday is Shoulders/Traps/Arms, Calves Or Abs. This training split allows you to manage a 24 hour fitness lifestyle as well as you have now 4 rest days instead of 2 allowing for more growth and muscle building if challenging yourself properly on the work days.
  • Also, you can combine the both with doing the second 3 day split with Tuesday and Thursday being 1 hour fast walking walking cardio days instead of resting. Allowing you two days of burning fat with cardio plus resting muscles, and 2 days of off days to rest muscles.

There are many effective training splits for different goals. But you now know 3 of them to rotate and use to avoid a routine getting boring or stale, and allowing you to swap one in for a month to freshen things for new results. A bonus is that you are much more organized and know what you are working at and can see a more clear picture in how you’re doing as you go.

Your goal window is more realistic to measure your motivation, workout intensity and how you respond. That’s what it is all about, being smart about it. Even though a 24 hour fitness lifestyle can be draining, the rewards are endless to be able to do something very few of the population can. These articles on Bare Fit will help you be on of them people faster by being smart and by using proven methods used professionally by others.  Have a great day guys,

Chuck  Strogish

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