Stop Not Seeing Results Working Out In The Gym

Did you know that after 10 years of seriously working out in the gym, I have found the one word that will change everything for you.

Most of these are important and some can be illegal, but it’s not any of these listed;

  • Diet
  • CrossFit
  • Steroids
  • Cardio
  • Starving
  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

It is NONE of the above, but it is one word and if you do it correctly, you will see a 180 degree turn in results quickly.

Yet most people fuck this one tip up in the gym while working out daily.

4 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath does it correctly. And he is the biggest, most successful bodybuilder on the planet. But why don’t people follow his lead?

I see it all the time, people make this mistake and the way to fix it is to not just read this, but learn how to do it.


Form is the key to your success with your body.

That doesn’t mean to just try to slow up your workouts or do it textbook.

It means that you need to do each exercise differently, and the goal is to focus the exercise on the muscle you are trying to hit with your mind.

When you do chest presses, are you REALLYYYYY doing your chest? Or are you pushing it with alot of shoulderss,back,triceps,and grip strength?

Next time you do your workout, try to connect your mind to the exercise and feel it in that muscle. Do a few reps different ways until you feel it in that muscle working the most, then repeat that rep until you exhaust. Pick a weight that allows you to get 10 reps or maybe even 11 max for 3-5 sets.

You may need to reduce the weight you use to get to that ideal form, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you use the most weight that you can handle in the correct form.

Reps don’t mean to repeat what is wrong over and over like so many do.

The warm up is to find your target form, and then any repetitions you do correctly is really a rep. A rep that will lead you to quick success that is. Or you can keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work, but this is here to help you.

Try it and use it, it is one of the best things I have ever done since I started working out. My legs are built better than before and I don’t even squat or deadlift anymore. I know how to use the leg press machine and lunges in the right form now and I kill my workouts with less weight but way better form.

Give it a shot, it works 100% if you make it a priority to find the right form for yourself.

Chuck Strogish

Master trainer certified,professional fitness model


Quick,Fat Burning Fitness Meals That Make Your Body Change Almost Before Your Eyes

Here are some quick fat burning fitness meals that will make your body change almost before your eyes.

No but seriously, watch your body change for the better in days and weeks instead of months and years just by adding in some foods that will do that for you.

I’m not talking about dieting or any hype crap you see online, I’m talking about simple foods that actually do work and do make you burn fat faster. Why slave away in the gym month after month just to look a tiny tad bit different than you did to begin with?

That means you aren’t doing the right things to get results. You should be noticing changes in days and weeks doing this.

What you need for the week;

  • Jasmine rice(you can make it in bulk in a rice steamer or you can buy it packets that you can just microwave it. Brown rice is also fine. I just prefer the taste of jasmine better….they both work. This is your main carb.
  • containers of pasteurized egg whites. This is meant to be fast as heck to make, you can put the egg white liquid into 1 cup measuring cup and microwave your eggs.
  • Then once you heat up the rice and your eggs, mix them together.
  • Buy Bragg’s Liquid Amino Soy Sauce. This is a fitness soy sauce with aminos in it good for supporting your muscle progress in the gym. Add this to the rice and eggs for flavoring along with whatever else like hot sauce, pepper,cilantro, etc.
  • Make a couple meals at once and keep them in the cooler covered with plastic wrap so you have them ready to microwave when needed.
  • Also, you can mix in a can of tuna with each meal if you want extra protein and you don’t mind tuna. Omega 3’s will help burn fat and ease your joints when you are training.

Now doing this does a few things;

  • It fills a gap in your eating to get you on a better path for faster results.
  • This isn’t all you are going to eat, it can replace any meal you want but you will be eating other meals of other foods during the day.
  • This will make you choose better choices before and after these meals so you arent doing it all for nothing.
  • If you get back from the gym, you can always eat this super clean meal and then when dinner comes along, you will make better food choices. It creates discipline, and you can build upon it from here.

You will notice your body change just by doing this. Obviously, the more you clean up your eating habits before and after these meals you eat, and the way you train and rest will tell how crazy of results you get.

But the point of this is for you to try it and prove to yourself how important correct eating effects results.

I can eat pizza and junk for a few weeks and still do my usual 4-5 days of weight training and 20 minutes of jump rope or exercise bike after, and look like i workout, but not as dry and lean and the abs start to vanish a little bit.

But then I switch over to eating this meal, along with better food choices during the day, and bam, veins and abs start showing, and more muscle definition all over the place start coming out. It is like magic.

This is one fitness tip for you to follow to improve your self image and body for the better. One that actually works great and is quick and easy, just takes a few bucks a week to buy them and then a few minutes to make theme each time.

Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model and Master Certified Personal Trainer

How To Jump Rope To Burn Fat Without Burning Muscle

Jumping rope has alot of benefits, some including agility,stamina,stronger bones, and cardiovascular health.

These are all benefits of the jump rope that are cool, but everyone knows them. Why would you use a jump rope if you want to get the best looking and sexiest body you’ve ever had in your life?

To use the jump rope to burn fat but not muscle is like this. It’s kind of like if you were to pull a dent out of a car, you don’t want to go from extreme to extreme of pulling it all the way out or all the way in. You want to lead up to perfect, notch by notch. One step at a time. Until you reach the even level so it’s no longer a dent. With jumping rope, you want to workout by workout notch up step by step to your body fat removal and stop before you hit the point of losing muscle.

Here’s the wrong way to go about it. I decide hey, I want to lose fat so I will start jumping rope for 30 mins after every weight training session. Hell yeah, in 20 workouts or so, I def lost alot of fat, but I weigh less and obviously lost some muscle as well.


Here’s the right way to help you avoid this mistake, and end look your best faster. Do it this way.

Each jump is a rep, start off with 100 reps after each weight training workout. If you workout 3-6 days a week with weights, do this and start small with your jump roping at only 100 reps or jumps over the rope.

Not much, but this will allow you to start off getting your body and ankles used to jumping rope. You can access your body fat levels by the workout or week. But soon as 100 reps are easy, increase it to 200 reps or jumps and so on.

The number you can do isn’t the goal. The goal is to find your perfect number to melt fat off you the most or fastest, but just shy of the point of burning off muscle. You need to work slowly up to notch by notch so that you just start burning muscle and not knowing it.

4 sets of 50 jumps is 200 and won’t take but like 5-10 minutes. Everyone is different by their metabolism and their diet, so this will effect results. But either way, if you find you are starting to burn fat with 300 jump roping reps after your workout, then you can either stay there until it is too easy, or move up in reps right away but risk burning muscle off.


Do this after every weight training session. Before long, you’ll start seeing some veins showing you never had before, and your abs will be starting to come in good. Without losing any hard earned muscle. If your diet is on point decent and you eat enough protein, you will burn fat without losing muscle with nothing but weight training, and a jumprope!


Chuck Strogish

Fitness model. certified master fitness trainer.

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