5 Ways to Get In Shape During Winter For Spring

During winter, it is a proven fact people gain weight and eat more than when it’s hot out. Pack on that survival layer from the cold!

But the more you add these 5 ways to get in shape during winter, the easier it will be to make it up and be in shape when the shirt has to come off and shorts come on in the spring and summer.

Do one or all of these starting today and see a notch of progress from each one in it’s own way. Combine them all for faster and better results. Master on at a time or go big and do a clean sweep or lifestyle change. The second one is more risky for you to fail because it’s a big change, but has dramatic benefits. The first one is easier to do and low chance of failing at all. One step a time. Your choice. The goal isn’t how fast you can succeed getting in shape, it is doing whatever possible to not fail majorly and quit. Little failures are ok but you want to avoid the major one of just quitting it from being overwhelmed.

5.Focus on eating half the sugar you are now at least.

It’s tough to quit sugar completely. Especially if you’re used to it like most of us are. But if you want to get in shape, you must at least reduce it some. Find ways where you are taking in sugar the most and cut it in half for a few months. If you drink pop, switch to water or diet or diet iced tea. Anything with alot less sugar. Than if you drink coffee and like teaspoons of sugar, only let your self do 1 teaspoon if you can’t cut out both.

4.Focus on weight training each body part once per week over 3-5 workouts. Spend an hour 3-5 days a week and focus on working out two body parts each hour. Regardless at home or at the gym, or outside, find a way to challenge your muscles to start getting in shape.

Shoulders,Chest,Traps,Back,lower back,Biceps,Triceps,calves,abs,forearms,obliques are what you need to take care of each week. You can pair some together, just remember to give rest to that bodypart for 48-72 hours before you hit it again with training.

3. Eat more nuts,fruits,veggies,and meats

Sticking to these foods will make sure your nutrition is made to be able to get in shape. It’s ok to have carbs and bad fats around your weight training times and some days but most of the time, you want to eat these kind of foods to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Allow yourself a day or two a week to eat the carbs and foods you crave to stay on track. For the most part though, you need to eat cleaner to see results. The better you get at it, the better shape you’ll see your body getting into. Remember that. Even if it’s for a week of eating clean at a time, you can take a break if hard, and do another week soon as you’re ready.

2.Drink more water no matter what. Aim to drink a gallon a day because this will raise your metabolism and detox you of all the bad stuff that causes you to get low energy and sick.

1.Because everyone is so different, there is no general manual to follow. Except this. If you slowly cut your calories by a couple hundred, you will know yourself better to know when you start losing weight. The trick is to do it slow and in less amount of calories per drop. Don’t drop too much at once or you’ll feel it in your energy levels. All of this happens while you are doing number 4 listed above. You burn calories and build muscle, which burns more calories. Then you start cutting sugars and watching the foods you eat a bit while cutting calories in small chunks daily. Then you are keeping track to see how your body responds. if it isn’t working, cut a little more and be a little more strict.

If you get to the point when you diet really hard, you will need a multivitamin supplement to keep you on track.

Happy 2015

Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model and Certified Fitness Instructor

Bare Fit Blog Health and Fitness Tips

Fitness Blogger



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