Top Ways To Train Stupid And Not See Results

What is better? Training smart and seeing results or not training stupid and seeing results?  Sometimes you can train smart but also do stupid things to subtract from your results and not even know it. We all do.

If you do any of these currently, easily just stop them and do the opposite to start seeing results.


1. Training Your Body Too Much or Too Many Days Per Week(Overtraining)

Weight training 7 days a week is flat out stupid. Yet some people still do it. Our bodies naturally aren’t meant to handle that much stress without recovery.

You will even start to mentally feel drained and get sick faster training 7 days a week. Even if you are on steroids or have superior genetics, you still don’t want to train that much without 1 or 2 days a week.

2.Doing things that don’t make you see results

Not a waste of time, but seeing results means doing things that will make you see them while also avoiding things that impede on you seeing physical changes. Things like weight lifting in the 6-15 rep zone 3-5 times a week will help. Things like spinning,basketball,yoga,and cardio only will not make you look much different. You can burn off weight and be less heavy, but you won’t look nearly as good as if you were doing weights as the main focus with these hobbies as secondary as your focus.

3.Not drinking enough water

Regardless of how much water you drink, you probably aren’t drinking enough to make changes to your body. So many things require a high amount of water(1-2 gallons) daily to reach your goals with fitness.

It’s a paint to drink a gallon or two of water every day, but know that is works tremendously well. It helps your metabolism ride, your body detox, and transports nutrients into your muscles better to cause results with weight training.

4.Not stretching between sets.

Don’t stretch before and after your workouts. Stretch during your workout and in between sets. This allows you to stretch your already worked muscle fibers to allow a greater range of motion and to get more nutrient filled blood into the muscle. Stretching before your workout as shown to even make your strength decline.

If you’re not stretching in between each set or every other set or so during your workout, you should start to help you reach goals much faster.


5.Not mixing up your exercises.

It’s easy to get into a routine of doing certain exercises for each body part with certain weights and in certain order. Make each week or every two weeks a new challenge.

Look up some new exercises in a fitness magazine and add them to your routine. Change the weight up slightly and do them all in different order. Never fall victim to the same routine and not letting yourself advance. Mix it up  every so often.

With these 5 mistakes made, just letting yourself do these all right consistently, will put you in a faster timeframe of reaching your goal. Doing these will slow you down, and some will slow you down so much, you might think working out is pointless or you give up trying.

Don’t let that happen and make sure you avoid making the big mistakes people make first, then work on getting getting better at what you’re already doing right.

@ChuckStrogish twitter.

Chuck Strogish,Fitness Model, Author of The Bare Fit Blog.


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