Benefits of Whey and Casein Protein-And How To Use Them

Whey and casein protein are one of the most used supplements in the fitness world because they help you get more of what you need in a quick and easy way.

There are many benefits to whey protein and casein protein alike, but what is the difference? And how do you use each differently to maximize reaching your goals? I’m about to tell you in case you weren’t sure or are new to using them.

Before I tell you, I first must say I hate protein shakes in general. There are only a few I can drink without getting sick of it fast. I don’t like using them but I do as much as I can because they work. To build and keep lean muscle, you need around a gram of protein per pound you weigh daily.

It can vary with each person, but in general, that is the number you want to aim for to be safe. Body builders can eat up to as much as 3 grams per pound, which is tough to do. Try getting 1 gram a day before you try 2 or 3.

Benefits of Whey Protein and When to Use It

  • Whey protein is utilized by your body and muscles very fast and not time released.
  • The best time to use this is before and after workouts, especially after workouts and as a snack between meals.
  • Try to get around 20-60 grams of protein per serving for maximum benefits.
  • The benefits of whey protein is big. It protects your body from burning muscle, letting you build more muscle and keep it. More muscle enables you to get a higher metabolism and a higher metabolism makes you burn fat naturally more and more until you’re much leaner.
  • You can get your protein needs from high protein food sources, but to hit that 1 gram a day per pound you weigh usually takes the need for a whey protein supplement. Unless you can eat like a beast 24/7. Most do not have that type of appetite naturally.

Benefits of Casein Protein and When To Use It

  • Casein is the time releases version of whey protein. Which means your body and muscles slowly use it over a longer period of time. Which also means you get less instantly like whey, but you get little by little over time.
  • The best times to use casein are when you aren’t going to be able to eat for a while. Times generally include before bed, upon waking up if not a big breakfast person, in between meals, traveling on the road, or any other time you can think of.
  • Without taking advantage of casein, you risk finding yourself in a place where you can’t eat healthy, or maybe at all. So you go hours and hours without eating and you can feel your body eating your muscles almost literally. The casein protein will fix that problem.
  • A good example of food that has casein protein in it is cottage cheese. Eat it or just take a casein supplement.

A Good Idea….

They sell a blend of both whey and casein. This takes care of both problems and makes it easier for you. Look for a blend of the two to make your life easier, especially if you hate drinking shakes and want to get them in for the benefits.

Now if you didn’t know this or wasn’t sure, you can easily use each to your advantage at the times they’re good to use.

If you can get better at not wasting muscle, then you will build it better. Just as much as just focusing on building muscle through calories and training. You have to remember that your body is using muscle to support your training and you need to give it whey and casein at the right times to avoid going in the negative balance.

Don’t look too far into it, just use both of these consistently and work on eating lots of cleaner carbs and hitting that 1 gram protein number. If you fall short, you can always have a high protein meal or shake, and begin again.

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