How To Know Your Personal Trainer Sucks Before You Commit

Hiring a personal trainer is one of them things even people that aren’t complainers or picky need to start being be picky about.

Being a master personal trainer and fitness model, I can help you avoid making the mistake of picking a money and time wasting personal trainer before you are already half way in and not seeing much changes.

Although I used to train clients one on one, I am more happy helping more people writing this fitness blog than I am one at a time on a more in depth level.

But to get serious results, you need that one on one in person motivation and guidance. But what’s worse than not getting guidance? Getting the wrong guidance.

When you are about to get a personal trainer, the best way to spot out a bad one is first to obviously look at him or her. Are they in great shape? If not, why? Maybe they are so focused on other people that they forget about themselves. Maybe. But highly unlikely.

If they aren’t in good shape or shape you want to be in yourself, how are they going to get you in that shape if they can’t get there?

Also, look for what they talk about right away? It it more about the weight training or analyzing and tweaking your nutrition intake?

If they just want to count your reps and say good job over and over without any knowledge of how to eat clean and the times to eat certain types of foods, you are about to waste your time.

Sometimes, a gym personal trainer works for the gym and has so many clients daily that he or she might just basically guide you through a cookie cutter workout. This isn’t bad, you still will improve, but not a whole lot.

Make sure if that’s the case, you get it for a low price. Those who charge more and work independently are more likely to have less clients paying that much, but this allows them to really focus in on you and your needs and goals. This leads to the greatest success. You don’t necessarily get what you pay for no matter what, but more often than not, you do when it comes to when choosing the right fitness trainer.

I’ve seen all types of trainers. There are alot of good ones that will help you tremendously. And of course, there are terrible ones. Actually, while at an LA Fitness once, I was getting ready for an Under Armour job and one of the trainer there shocked me.

I was doing incline chest presses and while having heavy weight above me, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I ignored it for a sec and concentrated on finishing the set and safely putting the weight back.

But then I felt another tap, and another tap. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, who the fuck is tapping me right now! lol.

I finally finished and I’m thinking it must be someone with an emergency or something. This shit is major! Nope.

It was a trainer there and after I took of my ear phones blasting music, he simply taps me and asked me,”Bro, how do you get that shredded dude.”

I said thanks, I appreciate it, and was nice but in the back of my mind I’m thinking holy fuck, did he really just tap me while in the middle of lifting these weights? That’s crazy!!!!!

But anyway, if it was someone else, they might of just dropped the 225 lbs down on their face and cya bye to his job.

That is just one story, but there are others I can save for later. But they get mentioned just because it’s ridiculous. The great personal trainers get no mention because they are doing everything right. You just have to find them.

If they look like you think is great physically, and talk more about your current diet than the weights, you found your man or woman. If they look like they could be alot better for being a trainer, and don’t find out exactly what you do or where you are now so that they can tweak it and improve you, run away fast.

So before you pick a personal trainer that sucks, and wastes your hard earned money and time, use these tips to better choose one who is going to give you confidence, knowledge, and success when you look into the mirror from now on.

Chuck Strogish, Fitness Model

@ChuckStrogish twitter to follow for more fitness tips for free.

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