Quinoa-3 Reasons To Start Using It In Your Diet For Bodybuilding

I know. Quinoa, a grain or seed can’t be too exciting to talk about. I know.

But the Bare Fit Blog isn’t about what’s exciting to read for entertainment, it’s about getting you in the best visual shape of your life.

To not beat around the bush, I’m going to tell you 3 reasons right now on how to use quinoa, and why you should use it starting today or tomorrow.

Considering you are already training in the gym consistently and challenging your body, the other half of the pie is how clean and efficiently you’re eating to get serious results fast.

3 benefits of quinoa are also 3 things your bodybuilding diet or muscle building diet must include

  • High Protein
  • Complex Carbohydrate
  • Fiber


Believe it or not, quinoa contains not only one of them 3, but ALL 3 benefits.

That’s pretty huge considering it’s hard enough to eat all this protein everyday while avoiding foods we crave that usually aren’t complex carbs, but simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal are what you want to eat for results. Quinoa is also one of them, but it i easier and faster to use.

Say you are already eating a healthy meal like tilapia with some brown rice. You can cook the quinoa pretty much anyway that is easiest for you and throw it on the tilapia or rice. Put it in oatmeal, veggies, anything really.

Pound for pound, quinoa has a crazy amount of protein,complex carbs,and fiber.

I say, buy quinoa at the store the next time you go, and put it out so you see it all the time, and add it to every meal you can. It doesn’t have to be huge servings of it if you eat it with alot of meals you eat already.

The high protein in it will preserve and keep the muscle you are earning in the gym, the complex carbs will make sure you’re still burning fat while supplying energy and the fiber will keep cleaning you out to look leaner and in better shape much faster than not using it.

Not just bodybuilding, but wanting to have a more attractive and sexy body is a goal that is hard to achieve or else everyone would be walking around in terrific shape.

What you need to do to make sure you’re one of them, is to use all avenues that are healthy and effective, and even sometimes boring. Quinoa is one of them, and if used consistently in your daily routine, will increase your results greatly and also cut down on the time it takes to reach a goal.

You’ll start to notice your body looking better faster and might even forget that it could simply be adding something like quinoa to your diet, and you may just think you’re working out harder or longer.

These little benefits added to your routine alone could be exactly what you needed, so it is important not to miss any of them.

This blog will post by post give you more information to store in your brain and to make you that much better at doing it.

Chuck Strogish, Fitness Model


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