Cilantro For Fat Loss And Why You Should Always Use It On Meals

Cilantro can and should be used on as many meals as you can when you are trying to get in shape. Besides helping spring along fat loss, cilantro has a ton of benefits worth using to your advantage. Here’s how and why to use cilantro in your get in shape diet plan.

What foods do I usually use cilantro on consistently?

Making eggs in the morning or whenever? Always top with cilantro and chia seeds on the yolk or whites.

Rice and beans



Extra Lean Ground Beef

Pizza whenever you let yourself eat it whether a cheat day or cheat meal


Veggie Dips

Fish(Especially good on fish as I’ll tell you why shortly)


You get the point here, it can be used and taste good on alot of clean foods or cheat meals

Why is cilantro good to use on especially fish?

Cilantro is a natural detoxifying agent used anciently to purify water to be drinkable and to clean you out of toxins.

It can be beneficial to fitness oriented people because one of the cleanest foods for fat loss and muscle building is fresh fish. Fresh fish can contain metals and toxins inside of it if eaten in large amounts so the cilantro is a perfect way to prevent any problems at all from that.

Just a fun fact there, you will have to eat a massive amounts of fish to worry about it, but it’s a reason to use cilantro to benefit anyway.

If you want to promote fat loss, you need to add in a variety of helpful methods and avenues to make sure you’re not wasting your time. You know you need more muscle as muscle is a huge fat burner, you know cardio burns calories and will also burn fat if you’re glycogen stores are depleted of carbs.

You also know that you can’t be low on key nutrients when trying to be in fat burning mode, so you must take a multi vitamin. You also know that you can’t be blinded in your results not knowing if you are holding water or if you have more fat to lose.

This is where things like asparagus, dandelions, water intake, and cilantro comes into play. You need those to drain out water in your skin to show you how lean you really are to date.

Doing so will show results and crank up your motivation to continue your success making using cilantro a great addition to your fat loss progress.

To learn how to be in fat loss mode, you must know how to do what the pros to do to make it easier on you. To do this easily, just download my Weight Loss Method ebook on Amazon for only $3.50. It will tell you how to do this in the next 20 days and you will be on your way to burning so much more fat because you won’t be burning carbs for energy anymore. It’s a must do if you really want to lean up and start doing real fat loss.

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Cilantro For Fat Loss And Why You Should Always Use It On Meals


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