A Lesson On How To Bulk Up and Gain Muscle Before You Do a Cutting Phase

A Lesson On How To Bulk Up and Gain Muscle Before You Do a Cutting Phase

What’s the point and why do fitness professionals and bodybuilders look all fat and out of shape sometimes, and then they are shredded and ridiculously cut looking a few weeks or months after?

Here’s a couple of options for you to consider if your goals are to improve the way you look.

If you want to make dramatic muscle building changes to your body, just working out hard and eating clean isn’t going to cut it.

However, it will cut it perfectly if you just want to look leaner, better, and noticeably in better shape.

If you want to do bodybuilding contest or compete in fitness, you’re going to have to do bulking and cutting phases.

Why is that necessary?

Look at it this way…

Say if you stay in one mode all year, working out hard consistently and eating clean, you will successfully gain some muscle, tone, and some fat loss looking much better than the previous year.

That’s great and if that’s your goal, you will reach it doing those two things.

But if you have higher goals, like to compete, you are going to need to do phases because you can’t build enough muscle or lose enough fat doing the same thing. You will do a little of both, but you have to focus on building muscle(bulking up) and then cutting(burning off fat) after that before your peak day.

Here are some quick tips on how to enter a phase to bulk up and gain muscle

  • Focus on training 3-4 days a week and lifting in the 6-12 rep ranges to build more muscle.
  • Drink 1-2 gallons of water daily and start adding in 5 grams of creatine before and after weight training.
  • Throw all cardio out of the window, don’t do any during a bulking phase to build bigger muscle.
  • Eat many calories, many, many. How clean you eat is going to tell you on how much fat you put on with the muscle.
  • This makes it harder when you do a cutting phase if you eat everything and anything.
  • It’s better to eat as many clean calories as you can. But eating clean like you’re cutting isn’t necessary during bulking.
  • Add in more protein shakes and meal replacements.
  • Eat 2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches daily to automatically increase your calories instantly and start encouraging muscle growth. Peanut butter is a cleaner high calorie food, but jelly is too high in sugar to eat regardless of the phase. Fruits are unlimited and so are veggies of course.
  • Slam down lots of complex carbs like any kind of rice,potatoes(sweet are the best for results of course,),oatmeal(eat lots of oatmeal anyway you can) and also eat alot of simple carbs right after training. On a bulking phase, almost everything you crave is on the table after you’re done working out. That’s your cheat time if you are going to have one. Remember though, the cleaner your carbs and calories, the better quality of muscle you will put on sooner.
  • In your protein shakes, add in lots of things like oatmeal, peanut butter, low fat milk, chia seeds, and all of that stuff to give yourself alot of calories. While you’re at it, make it taste good because you need to eat alot of calories to put on alot of muscle.
  • Your protein needs to be high whether cutting or bulking. With bulking, you can eat alot of meats, including burgers and hot dogs, sausage, bacon, all that stuff you love but cant eat when cutting. Get it in now for a month or two to build max muscle.

There are more, but that’s a few to focus in on to get you started.

As a fitness model, my bulking and cutting phases are more or so mini phases as I don’t want to be super bulky and too far away from cutting. So i will follow the above tips, but I try to not eat junk as much possible. I will eat breakfast sausages and things like that for the protein, but i will avoid pasta and straight up carbs with no protein available meals. That’s a belly killer.

I would stay around 180. if I go right into a cut, I’ll end up 170 on the peak day. If I bulk up, I’ll go from 180 lbs to 195-200 lbs. Then when I cut, I’ll finish at a bigger and leaner 185 then the normal 180 because of the muscle I was able to put on when otherwise I wouldn’t.

Everyone is different has different genes, I laid out tips for you to use that work, and from there, you must tweak yourself and listen to what is working or not working for you.

if you are thin and want to be bigger and have more muscle, focus on bulking all the time until you are big enough to where, you can then do a small cutting phase. If you are losing too much too fast, you need to up the clean calories again. Your body has a high metabolism and you must consume way more calories then the average person.

If you are naturally easy to gain weight and want to be leaner and trimmer. You can mostly be in a cutting phase, manipulating your bodies fat burning with carb intake. That is taught in my book, Weight Loss Method. Read it and try it, it will work for cutting you down in 20 days if you follow all 20 days.

Once you are as lean as you want to be, it will be harder to maintain for your body type, so you must celebrate your successes and get right back on track with eating clean and burning calories.

See the differences in knowing how to enter which phase, bulking or cutting? And how you can alter your body and goals instead of just weight training and eating clean? You can be fine with not entering any specific phase to get in shape, but if you want drastic results, you need to cut them two goals in half and enter one and dominate a bulking phase before you can enter a cutting phase.

Fitness model Chuck Strogish

@ChuckStrogish. Follow on twitter.

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A Lesson On How To Bulk Up and Gain Muscle Before You Do a Cutting Phase


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