How to Get a Nicer Butt-Keepin’ it Real

You can google “How to get a nicer butt” all day long and be bombarded with info to help you out.

But just because it says it, doesn’t mean it’s right or that it is going to be better than what you already know.

Being a professional underwear model makes me have to know how to feel out the underwear in the right ways, ya know what I mean.

It’s super important that I know how to get a nicer butt. What I’m about to tell you is all you need to know. From there…..

it all comes basically pretty easy. As long as you implement it consistently. Getting a nicer butt, and I mean not years from now, or months, like weeks or days is done by following these tips below.

The very most important thing you can do that most people mess up is your first couple sets of each butt exercise.

I’m not yelling at ya, I promise, but I am going to write in caps so you don’t miss this part. It’s that important k.



What does that mean? It means you do a set or two and feel exactly if you’re butt is feeling it. Forget how you’re supposed to do it or anything, do it a few different time in different ways slightly until you feel exactly your butt is doing the work.

Then once you got the spot, you increase the weight and do your working sets of 3-4 sets and challenging weight enough to challenge you at around 10-20 reps or in between that range.

Once you got that down, any exercise you do, you can turn it into a butt exercise if done correctly.

For example, leg press machine. Put your feet on the platform up higher, closer together, and switch it up to wide. Then feel which way closely is working your butt and how you have to do it to feel it in your butt muscles.

Once you got it, it may take a few sets remember. But once you feel it, you do that same follow through with more challenging weight and sets.

That’s the secret.

You can do any butt exercises on the planet, but if you just do the motions and don’t connect your mind to the muscle contraction right, you might be lifting lower back,quads, hams, calves, anything but what you’re trying to do for that set.

If done wrong enough over time, you’ll be on google again typing in, “how to get a nicer butt” from another article telling you the same old stuff.

Yes, those exercises like reverse lunges, leg presses, squats, and donkey kicks from your knee all are effective at doing the job, but what if don’t tell you how to make them work? Then it’s useless. And you won’t find out until a while when you realize your butt is changing much.

If you do what this says, and you really work on the form of feeling it for that target muscle, your results will come so much faster, you will wonder how the hell have I been doing it wrong for so long.

Now you’re doing it right. Just apply the same thing to your butt.

If you want to workout your butt, make sure you do all your cardio on an incline. Like the treadmill or elliptical machines, just incline it for a while to do your cardio, it will make sure the angle is at your butt.

But once again, it takes more than that. Every step you take until you do it without thinking, is your focus on targeting and using your butt with that step or just going through the motions and doing it without thinking.

Once you think about it and do it that way, everything is more effective that you do.

Like any other body part, I would try to focus some exercises on your butt on leg day, and then a few days after on it’s own or with another bodypart. Then include your incline cardio after for 20-60 minutes. However much you can muster that day.

Do this and you will have a butt to be proud of much faster than you think.

Fitness model Chuck Strogish

Author of the Weight Loss Method E book.

Pick it up on Amazon, just keyword search Weight Loss Method and it’s a quick $3.50 read. But extremely effective and a “pro secret” to cutting weight safely and fast.



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