A Fitness Models Sample Workout Plan For The Week

I get emails often that ask about diets and workout plans that a fitness model does. “Hey man, can you explain a sample workout plan for the week a fitness model would do?”

For sureeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Mind you, workouts change by the goal and what you’ve done already. So this is really just a sample from what I did last week. It will change in the form of weights,reps,sets,and what I use. Sometimes I use free weights, sometimes machines and cables, and sometimes everything mixed together.

I pretty much use the mind frame that I am gonna lift as heavy as I can for around 10 reps give or take a few less or more and it’s gonna be around 4-5 sets.

Then, after a while, I will be like fuckkkkkkk I feel beat up and need to do a few workouts of 20 reps and kind of half ass everything and eat more.

I rarely do cardio these days. I put more into my workouts and keep them shorter. For so many years, I would do the 20-30 mins of cardio after my weight training, but now days, I don’t at all unless it’s I’m shredding up for a shoot.

If you are a beginner or feel you are over weight and want to get leaner, I suggest you do cardio. The only reason I don’t is because i spent years building up a high metabolism and quite frankly, it doesn’t do a whole lot for me physique wise and I’m better off eating cleaner when I want to lean up more.

Cardio also gives you a happiness boost. You will be happier doing more cardio, I promise you that. But after my workouts, I am killed so I skip on it until i really need to use it for a shoot or something.

Here is a sample workout plan I did the last week from a fitness model. You might be surprised.


I like to start off the week with upper body, just because it gives me time to do my legs in between to rest upper body more to be able to hit it again. So i do Back and Biceps this time. It’s a sin to be doing back on national chest day, I know, I know.

But I’m doing back, more machines open and I like doing back more than chest anyway….sometimes.

So I like to add in biceps supersetted with back only because I like to fry by biceps with back so that the end of my back workout is all my back doing the work to fully hit it, and not getting help from biceps. Biceps are always trying to jump in any chance they get. That’s why not many people have awesome looking backs but have pumped up arms.

I decide to go to the hammer strength row machine and I’ll put on a 45 lb plate on each side and do each arm at a time for about 20 reps to warm up.

**I like to do a lot of super sets and pyramids. Super sets are where you do two exercises, usually two different body parts back to back before you rest for the next round. pyramids are when you either start heavy and reduce weight after each set and add reps, or my favorite is to start light and high reps and add on weight as I go and the reps naturally lower***

So i do the rows, then jump to the cable ez bar machine and do light, good form for 20 reps or so.

I’ll do that same process for 4-5sets adding weight each time where I ended up on the 5th set doing 3 45’s on each side of the row machine and doing enough weight on the curls where I would get 8 reps and I could not get 9 unless i really cheated.  That’s done with. Time to chug a bunch of amino acid water and change songs. Onto the next super set.

By this time, I already kicked my own ass with challenging weight and good form, i could probably just walk out the gym now and go home, but I’m just getting started.

I go over and grab some 30 lb dumbbells to do hammer curls to hit the other part of my arms not used in the first exercise. I dunno how many reps I’ll get with that, but it doesn’t matter, I’m gonna do as many as I can and that will judge what I pick up next. If I get 20 reps, then I stop before failure and just know I was way off on weight. I’ll grab the 45 lbs next time and will be better in the range of 8-15.

In between that set, I am doing a close grip lt pull down for sets of 15-12-12-10 or so. it just happened to be that way. It can change.

I do that for 4-5 sets and repeat the water and changing songs thing.

Then I will usually pick a bicep machine and do light reps until I can’t squeeze another rep out at all. Then always end my back workout with either pull ups in every grip, or the assisted pull up if i’m really fried that day.

With pull ups, I get rid of the ego and don’t go extra fast and half way to see how many I get cheating. It’s pointless. Let your self get a full stretch with arms all the way straight, and do it so you feel it in your back as best as you  can. If you can only get two real reps, that’s better than getting 8 or 9 arms bent swinging reps that pretty much do nothing except get up your heart rate.

If you do it right, you’ll feel it in your back but you might be like damn, I did way less than I thought I would. But you didn’t, because your back is fried the right way, and you will look better that way.

Wow this is getting really long and I’m just done with the first day. I’m going to make the rest of this short before it gets too long and boring.

I was going to change the title now to just a sample workout, but I don’t feel like it so it stays a sample workout plan for the week, but you get the idea.

Right now I am cutting workout days from 5 down to 3 or 4. Mostly just because I want to put more into each workout and I’ll get back into the 5 days when I have more time. I’m due for a 3 day workout plan for a little while so this is what I’ll do.

Wednesday is legs and shoulders hardcore.

Friday is chest traps and triceps.

I’ll always do some abs,obliques or calves after each workout. I’ll rotate them around and chip away at them, maybe only doing 2 or 3 sets of 15.  It adds up doing them more often. I don’t recommend doing abs every day or none of the 100 crunches in the morning everyday stuff. It isn’t worth it and doesn’t work any better.

Do abs 2 or 3 times a week and do good form, make it count. Then when you diet down right, your abs will show that way better, not by doing abs. Doing abs just make the cuts deeper and gives them a better shape. If you’re bulking up, don’t even do abs unless you want to for the fun of it.

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Chuck Strogish,

Fitness Model

@ChuckStrogish Twitter.

Weight Loss Method by Fitness Model Chuck Strogish

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2 thoughts on “A Fitness Models Sample Workout Plan For The Week

  1. Ok, it´ll definitely take some time to achieve that volume of training..
    But I already lost around 5% body fat in 9 weeks by following your advice!
    (and i am not a big fellow)
    Thanks Chuck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 5% in 9 weeks is what’s up man. You obviously don’t just read but you use what is working for you. If you can do 5%, you can get to wherever your genes allow. It’s just a matter of tweaking what you know already. Thanks for reading the blog. Best,



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