Eat These Fitness Foods Instead of Other Foods

Eat These Fitness Foods Instead of Other Foods

This blog is about reaching goals faster and more efficiently.  That means, get more fit, look better, but at the same time, not missing out on life either.

With that said, you’re going to have to miss out on alot of life if you want to win any fitness competitions, or do well in competition where your physical shape matters. But for those who do, missing out to them is more than ok, and they will argue that in fact that they are even missing out at all.

But for those who don’t want to miss out things like meeting friends at a bar, having some drinks, eating those fries and wings, and just doing whatever that is fun, you can still look good and in shape. How much depends on how hard you work and how good your genes are.

By working, I mean not just by working out hard, but also working hard to eat certain foods over foods that are so readily available.

So if you are going to be around those tasty pitfalls, but still want to make results happen, you need to think about doing some eat this not that subs. Change in one that is similar to another, just a little more healthier.

It all adds up to your goals eventually, and will be the difference in reaching your goals a little bit faster.

Here’s an eat this not that list for ya. They’re all over the internet, please forgive me if I miss one, or a thousand.

Grilled chicken instead of fried chicken.

Sweet potato fries instead of french fries.

Light dressing instead of regular dressing

Or ketchup or mustard instead of mayo

Greek yogurt ice cream instead of regular ice cream

diet soda instead of regular high carb soda

Fast Food- Order an extra burger with diet soda or water and skip the fries all together.

Almond butter instead of peanut butter. Use a banana with it instead of jelly

Low fat cheese slices and milk instead of regular milk or cheese

96% Protein to 4% fat extra lean ground beef instead of 80%-20% stuff.

Eat half whole eggs and half egg whites instead of All whole eggs all the time.

spinach instead of lettuce in salads

rice and beans instead of oodles n noodles

meats and cheese instead of meats crackers and cheese

dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate

thin pizza instead of regular or thick crust pizza

spririts or wine instead of beers

coffee instead of orange juice or apple juices

real fruit instead of fruit juices or man made fruit products

almonds,walnuts,or sunflower seeds instead of peanuts

low sodium beef jerkey sticks or nibblets instead of potato chips

omelette instead of pastries or cereal


There’s an example short list of what to sun in and sub out of for better and faster results short term and long term.

if there is 1 or 2 of them items on that list that you absolutely can’t do without, you will get the missing out on life feeling if you do. It’s your call, you will still make results if you do the rest of the list, but you will get the best results if you do all of the list. The choice is yours.


There are hundreds and thousands others of the fitness eat this or that list, I wanted to show you a quick example of how to build upon making better fitness decisions. The more you do, the better of you will be.

The best thing you can do is workout, do this list, drink lots of water, and build upon where you can get better at this list and add more to it as you see them. You have a choice to make everytime you go out to eat. You shouldn’t get a salad, eat what you like. Just make the best substitutions you can each time.

Thanks for reading

Eat These Fitness Foods Instead of Other Foods

-Fitness Model Chuck Strogish


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