7 Deadly Sins Of Fitness

Yep, there are deadly sins in life, and in fitness too! Making progress sometimes can be made the most by just avoiding stupid mistakes. We all made them,make them, and will continue to make new ones.

But avoiding repeat mistakes that can be fixed and produce more fitness progress that will work is what the goal is. However, with fitness, you WANT to use the 7 deadly sins in your favor and here’s how to now.

Here are the 7 Deadly Sins of Fitness!


It’s not usually good to be greedy, or else people will call you names like Indian giver or whisper behind your back. But in fitness, you want to be greedy since you can’t really give your results off to anyone else physically. You can help them out, sure, but your body is only going to get your results so why not do everything possible to be the best you can possibly be?

Never being content with your results and being able to do better is the mindset of success. Be greedy with fitness.


There is a time to be lazy in fitness, and that is during your planned rest days and occasional week off to recover. Without being able to sit back and relax, you can run the risk of getting sick, regressing, and messing up relationships or being called a meathead.

Take a planned day or two each week and just do….absolutely….nothinggggggggggggg. Allow yourself to rest and avoid overtraining.


Your best friend and worst enemy, depending on your goal. If you want to lose weight, you need to suck up taking in a bit less than you want, and if you want to build muscle, you need to not only eat way more, but selectively to avoid putting on too much fat at the same time.

It’s a matter of is it important to you, and how much? Some people can look great eating what they want and working out, but some can’t. If you can’t, and want your ideal body, you have to make sacrifices even more.


The worst fitness sin is to be vain and to have excessive pride. Everyone always says, be confident, not cocky. And there is a fine line between being looked up to and a leader, and being a douchbag or an asshole. The most admiral people to me are people that have what you want, but are willing to help you a bit to get there too. In any form of life. Those are the people you want to find and be friends with, and help you grow as you help them grow by giving them the qualities you are strong in that they might not have and want.

Be confident in yourself by experiencing and pushing through fears and being prepared, fitness gives you a plus 1  in all of them. But  once you’re there, realize that you are a human that will die eventually just like everyone else.


Ever see shirts that say, miring bro? Admiring people is a good trait to have because it means two things. It means you have motivation to be something you want to be, and that you are willing to do what it takes. But envy is the negative position to that same trait and can cause you to do things that are punishable.

Example. If you see a nice car and you want it, do you think damn, nice car, I wish I could have one some day. Or do you spit on the car and think what a bastard, people shouldn’t be allowed to be able to have such a nice car when others are starving.

See, there’s two sides to the same coin there. I know which point of view will be closer to landing that car someday and I know which one won’t. You make your own choice there. Envy can be good or bad, depends on how you use it yourself.


And again, fitness is the reason that many people turn negative into positive. If you are pissed off sometimes, in a traffic jam, getting cheated on, and just want to throw something, that feeling can be used daily to build yourself up by going to the gym. You can take it all out on a stack of weights that otherwise, you wouldn’t even try and just go through the motions.

Or you can throw shit, or beat up the little guy in the huge pick up truck at the red light. But you wont feel good about it, and might even be in alot of trouble with the law. Use this deadly sin of fitness called anger the way which allows you to be a bigger and better you.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Fitness ends with Lust. The end result. Why do people turn to fitness? To be healthy…..to feel better…to live longer….to look better….to be sexier….to attract other people…..

Use this deadly sin in fitness as motivation to get it done. Get to your results faster because if you do, you’ll have more people lusting after you. You’ll be sexier and more appealing. You might get a better job or make people who said you’d amount to nothing realize that you are better than they thought. Use lust as a reason to workout, and get to your results.

If you have a tough time finding motivation, being sexier to people you are attracted to is a pretty damn good enough reason to start.

There you have the 7 Deadly Sins of Fitness.

It might sound crazy, but read it again, and think about how you can turn around “deadly sins” to be positives that can easily change how you see things to get you to where you want to be faster and in less time.


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