What’s The Point of Reps and Sets?

When working out, it’s always about how many reps and sets and I’m going to tell you why pretty quickly. Knowing why will help you reach goals faster because if you don’t know why, you won’t be able to make the necessary tweaks it takes to break past ordinary.

What’s The Point of Reps and Sets?

They are nothing but a measure or guideline like an rpm meter on a car.

If you know your power band is in 3500-6000 and 6500 is gonna blow the engine, you look at the meter to know to take it below that mark to stay safe but get the most performance out of it.

Same with reps and sets. When considering you form is good and you are completely fatiguing at the last rep, lower reps 1-5 are for strength, 6-15 are for increasing muscle the best, and over 15 is starting to be in the endurance only category.

The sets are the guideline to split up your workout routine in a good time frame which is about 45 mins to an hour for each weight training workout.

Usually 3-5 sets will get the job done if you pick the right weights for your goals.

An example is to start off with a random light weight for warmups on the chest press machine. Get the right form motion to hit the chest muscles and begin doing a few reps to get the blood in the targeted area.

Then pick a heavier weight and see how many reps you get before tiring. If you get 20 and can keep going, you know you can increase the weight several notches the next set.

Try to stay between the 6 and 18 range for most goals. Lower if you need more strength the most, higher than 18 if you need to run a marathon or endurance activities.

Besides that, you know the range you can stick in for results.  If you get 8 reps. You can lighten the next set slightly and then you may be at 12 reps. Then you can notch it one more heavier and get to 10 reps. You successfully challenged your muscles for that target area. Then off to the next exercise for chest.

So why do some pro bodybuilders and athletes do 100 reps of something sometimes or just 1 or 2 reps?

There’s two answers here. One is, they have superior genes than most people and anything they do physically will be more dramatic than an average person.

Another reason is although they are more dramatic, you will get results doing 100 reps of something. By why not make it progress faster by using a heavier weight for less reps and less time on that set. Or else after a few sets, the 45 mins or an hour is going to be over and your peak of results time in the gym will be long past.

The point of reps and sets are to measure. You can try not keeping track of any reps or sets, but you will feel like you are just wondering hopelessly, and motivation will soon diminish.

Knowing reps and sets will help guide you to knowing where you are, where you are going, and helps you focus on the now and not the results head.

Another good thing to know is, since reps and sets are a guideline and you can do 100 reps or 2 reps and still see results, means that although weight training is important, dieting and correct nutrition is MORE important.

Weight train completely perfect and eating nothing but junk won’t be out someone that weight trains whatever way without sets and reps but has a perfect bodybuilding diet and nutrition plan will look better in 3 months everytime.

Use sets and reps in the gym to your advantage and help you do what this blog is about, to help you reach fitness goals faster and more efficiently.



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