Top 20 Fitness Songs to Get You Through a Workout At The Gym

Here are my top 20 fitness songs I use to get me through my workouts. You may like some, you may not. You may never heard of them. I don’t really care if you like them, this blog is about me, damnit. ;-). You know I’m just kidding.

Top 20 fitness or gym songs in my opinion right here.


20.Faster Pussycat-You’re So Vain

19.Spin Doctors-Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

18.Tupac-Lil Homies

17.Korn-Got The Life

16.Quiot Riot-Cum On Feel The Noize

15.Timbuk 3-The Futures So Bright

14.Ratt-Back For More

13.Fozzy(Chris Jericho)-Enemy

12.Jackyl-I Stand Alone

11.Def Leppard-Love and Affection

10.Steve Earl-Copperhead Road

9.Red Rider-Lunatic Fringe

8.Motley Crue-Without You

7.Guns N Roses-You Could Be Mine

6.The Who-Eminence Front

5.Cinderella-Gypsy Road

4.Kiss-Rock n Roll All Night

3.Skid Row-Here I am

2.Skid Row-Youth Gone Wild

1.Motley Crue-Primal Scream


So there is my list. Yeah, it is a little biased towards 80’s Hair Metal, but it makes me wanna lift longer and harder at the gym.

Whatever makes you do that, you found your winner. So in my opinion, when it comes to music, Motley Crue and Skid Row are my top two favorite bands of all time.

You might think they both suck or you never heard of them. That’s alright. Whatever makes you want to workout more or harder, you found a good way to get results much faster than without listening to them.

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