3 Supplements To Never Workout In The Gym Without

If you spend an hour or more of your time and energy in the gym half of the days of the year(3-4 times a week), why not use 3 supplements you should never workout in the gym without?

Using these 3 key supplements will make all that time and energy you spend on a daily basis trying to reach your goals easier and allows you to get how you want to feel and look in less time.

As a personal trainer, then to a fitness model, and just loving to workout in between to look my best, I made sure that if i’m going to be doing all this work anyway, I might as well find what exactly is the best healthy and efficient way I can maximize what I do? And to make it simple, 3 of these come to mind after asking myself the question,”What can’t I work out without?”.

I can tel you alot of  things that I can workout without. Some are ok, taste good, affordable, ya know. But I can do without them and do often not take them after the bottle runs out for a while.

Enough writing, here they are.

3 Supplements to Never Workout in The Gym Without


Creatine(men or women) is going to give you proven and many benefits. Take 5-10 grams during or right after working out to get the most benefits. If you miss a day, it’s not a big deal. Or even a week off sometimes when you run out is ok. Just remember, if you workout that day with weights, take creatine. If not, don’t take it. Simple as that.

The benefits are vast, for men and women. It will allow you to get more reps, recover faster, and delivery nutrients to where they need to go. This ultimately leads to alot of benefits not even listed on the sales pitch bottles. It does work, it will always work, and it is a must if you want to get leaner, sexier looking muscles working out.

2. Magnesium and Zinc

Magnesium and zinc taken together is absolutely crucial for results. The best dosage I have found is 500 mg of magnesium and 30 mg of zinc daily. ideally taken around bedtime. But hell, if you can take it anytime during the day to get it done, don’t worry about the times as much. Just take it daily for supercharged benefits.

Magnesium will allow you to recover and rest better, and is responsible for so many processes in the body, you will benefit like hitting a jackpot on a slot machine everytime. You need more when working out, so stick with 450-500 mg a day.

Zinc will keep testosterone levels high in men, and boost the immune system and allow for more strength in women. Zinc is the main ingredient in alot of products to cure sickness like airborne. Your immune system takes a hit from day after day of hard training, so you need to get the zinc in there to keep getting results and keep from getting the quicksand effect. The more you try, the more you fail just from a lack of taking this key supplement.

1.Multi vitamin/Fish oils

I cheated. There is a tie because some multivitamins come with fish oils in them. Which are equally important. Obviously, a multi vitamin will replace anything you lose working out, adding balance, adding faster results. And the fish oils will allow your joints to be oiled up ready to handle all the days of training without soreness or injury. I’m not talking about the good soreness you get from working out, I’m talking about the nagging shoulder pain or leg cramps. Fish oil also helps burn fat and a healthy metabolism. The ultimate weapon with working out is the ability to burn fat doing so. If you can raise that up, it’s a winner to me every time.

Especially sine the metabolism goes down slowly as you turn 30 and older. It is different in all people when it slows, but to be sure, take fish oils anyway you can daily for the best results in a healthy way.

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3 Supplements To Never Workout In The Gym Without

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