Is It Better To Weight Train With Heavy Or Light Weight?

Depending on your goals you have for yourself, you will need to figure out whether you should weight train with heavy or light weight. Most of the time, you will follow what is written here, unless you have one of these two goals explained next.

Unless you want to be a marathon runner, or a serious powerlifter, rading this will benefit you the most.

  • Marathon runners need the most endurance, so training their slow twitch muscle fibers is key. Training over 20 reps per set with weights will accomplish that. You still keep pushing eash set til you fatigue, but 20 is the minimum you want to start getting tired at each set.
  • Power lifters will need strength, and lifting up to 5 reps will accomplish that for each set. Anywhere from 1 to 5 roughly, you will be gaining strength faster as you recover and workout again.

More than likely, you want to look good and see the results you are making. Lose fat, build some muscle and have more toned muscle to show for. The sexy look in other words.

To do this, you will stay in the range of 6-19 reps. Your job is to mix it up from there. But either way, you know you’ll be fine and making progress if you are completely fatiguing between 6 and 19 reps for your sets. Mix up rest breaks also with those weight changes for those weights. You can do more weight for 6 reps and for more sets if you take longer rests. But burn less fat. If you jump into each sets quickly, the strength will be less, but you’ll be burning more fat as well.

Keep all that in mind for your goals at the time. Minor tweaks are major for short term goals.

The only time I would ever train over 20 reps is the week after a week off to get back into training hard and have a chance to hit those slow twitch muscle fibers once in a while.

Like said if you usually train high reps, then the week leading up to that, take a week and do the unusual for yourself, train in the lower rep range to spark new muscle fibers you usually don’t hit as much.

That is the definition of training successfully.  Add in a solid diet nutrition program to supercharge your results and body. Or see consistent and increased results with the diet you currently follow and adding in a few 30 minute sessions of cardio added to the 3-5 days of weight training under these guidelines.

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Is It Better To Weight Train With Heavy Or Light Weight?


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