Can You Get Lean Eating Fast Food?

Lol, there are a ton of videos online telling you various ways to get lean. One of them are guys eating fast food but is can you seriously get lean and in great shape just by eating fast food? Here’s my take one it, you just may be surprised.

First things first, and I am talking from In shape meaning the fitness model look, since that is what I need to look like for the fitness ads I do. Not talking so much the competition ready mass and bodybuilding build, but the muscular and lean everyday look.

These videos will tell you that if you eat between certain times of day, keep a caloric intake of around 2000-2400 calories a day, and fast for the rest of the 16 hours while challenging your body, you will get the body you want. Is this true?

Yes and no. I’ll explain both.

Trust me, I tried this method before, I would eat some tasty burgers from fast food is I didn’t get to eat anything else that day. Even though the calorie intake, protein, carb, and fat numbers lined up, trust me, you won’t look as good as if you ate a sweet potato and grilled chicken for that amount of calories.

You just won’t, plain and simple. Your short term workouts might give you some insane pumps with fast food, just cut carbs for a few days and then eat a big sodium and carb Chinese food dish. You’ll be like wow, my training session is incredible. But it won’t be like everytime. You’ll soon look kinda soft and bloated, but with the grilled chicken and brown rice, over time, you’ll look awesome.

I do agree however with getting your calories in 2-3 major meals instead of 6 to 7 tiny meals. Only because it socks eating 7 small meals a day, it is not fun, and you might quit all together if you aren’t seriously motivated and determined to settle for anything less than the big leagues.

If you are just wanting to look sexier, get the people you want to attract more, and look good and feel confident, you can definitely eat more normal. If you want to lose weight, be at a calorie deficit, if you want to gain muscle, be at a calorie overload.  Do cardiovascular sessions during weight loss and deficit, and don’t do cardio on calorie overload, except maybe a walk here and there. Not hard core cardio.

The consistent thing in both is training 3-5 days a week with weights in a challenging way. That always stays constant.

If you hate eating clean and enjoy fast food, get the protein burgers and skip the fries and always order diet soda or water as the drink. Usually it is two big meaty burgers, no fries, and a diet soda. And that is almost all you eat that day except snacking on nuts, fruits, and vegetables and a protein shake in there.

Bottom line is, these videos online seem crazy but they can work, it just depends on how much, that’s all. You can look good and be muscular and lean while eating fast food. But you gotta train hard and skip certain items. And eat them after 10 am and before 6 p.m window.

There are still rules to get results,  but not as many of them.

Can you get lean by eating fast food? The answer technically is yes. But only if done right.



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