Sweat Proof T Shirts On Sale Starting Now

Our sweat proof T shirts by Bare Fit are on sale for spring and at a great price for you to get the t-shirt custom made for the gym.

Endorsed by C-in2 underwear and Under Armour model, Chuck Strogish, the Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt is designed specifically to keep you fresh through long workouts and cardio sessions.


Each high quality T-shirt is custom made for you and takes 48 hours to treat each shirt.

The same product used to stain proof high end vehicles interiors are used to protect you from looking nasty and sweaty in the gym. Also, they prevent your shirt from hosting odors and saves you time with less washes. Perfect to keep in your gym bag longer than any regular T-shirt can handle.

Instead of $49.99, pay only $29.99. Order them by emailing our contact page to get your sizes.

The Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt is a 1 out of 1 shirt, like no other. It won’t make you get results faster, or workout harder, but it will make you look damn good while doing it.

Watch the sweat just run off your shirt like a waxed car, and keep you looking like your in such good shape, hard workouts don’t even make you sweat.

Email now to get your discount and we can begin treating your Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts to be shipped to your door and ready for your next jog or workout.

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