Top 3 Worst Fitness Mistakes You Can Make In The Gym

With fitness, and trying to look and feel the best way you can, it is sometimes just as important to avoid these 3 fitness mistakes just as much as it is learning and implementing something new for your benefit.

The fact is, you can read about how to build massive biceps all day in every new issue, but if you keep making the same mistakes or don’t do what’s correct consistently, you’ll always be just reading alot.

Avoid these top 3 worst fitness mistakes and benefit by using all that time and energy in the gym correctly for faster results and less pitfalls.

3.Avoid working out alone or at home, but also avoid having too many friends at the place you work out.

Even though working out alone or at home for time reasons is better than nothing, doing so will hurt you in terms of progressing or being inspired by you’re not the only one feeling you get at a fitness center. But at the same time, having a bad workout partner or having alot of friends at the gym will cause you to talk alot and not benefit fully from your workout. or even cause you to miss workouts knowing how long you’re gonna have to be there including your conversations to friends plus the hour workout. Try to wear headphones and music and look busy, say hi of course, no need to be rude, but talking each time to everyone for a stop and chat will hurt you in more ways than one. Unless you’re goal is to have more friends and not get the body you want, then you’re good to go.

2.Lifting too heavy for guys and not lifting heavy enough for girls.

Again, another happy medium for best results. If a guy asked you how much you can bench, just avoid him as a workout partner at all costs. Lifting heavy of course, is key for muscle. But lifting too heavy to show off, or be the big dog at the gym is dumb. Avoid them guys. And for girls, lacking testosterone compared to guys, you won’t get bulky or big by lifting heavier, don’t be afraid to use a weight that you can only do 8 reps total. You will look great in shorter time doing this, and not get too muscular.

1.Not using the right weight training/cardio/rest splits. It’s good to let each muscle part rest 48-72 hours after you train it. A good split would be like this to allow proper rest and recovery. This is an example, but there are several types that are effective depending on if you’re trying to put on muscle or fat burning.

4 sets of 10-12 reps

  • Monday-Chest,Triceps,Abs
  • Tuesday-Back,Biceps,20 mins cardio
  • Wednesday-Legs,Calves,Obliques
  • Thursday-Shoulders,Traps,20 mins cardio
  • Friday-Biceps,Triceps,Abs
  • Saturday-Off or Different Cardio
  • Sunday-Off

That one is good for fat burning because it has 5 working days, that’s alot of calories burned. 2 rest days.

Here is one for a muscle building goal. 4 sets of 6-8 reps

  • Monday-Chest,shoulders,triceps
  • Tuesday-Off
  • Wednesday-Legs,Calves,Abs
  • Thursday-Off
  • Friday-Back,Biceps,Traps,Obliques
  • Saturday-Off
  • Sunday-Repeat a second workout that you feel you need to bring up with different exercises or Off
  • Monday-Repeat

Here, you cut out the cardio, eat more calories, lift heavier, and have more rest days to recover and build up.

Once you cut down to be as lean as you can get from eating clean and the first workout type above, you can add in longer cardio sessions to peel off fat. Once you lean out, you can see what you look like lean, good? Or not muscular or big enough lean? If not big or muscular enough, you can go back into the second style group to pack on more calories and muscle, and cut cardio.  Than lean back down again and you will be lean again, but a bigger version if done right.

What you do is key, but how and when you do it is just as key. Use this as a guide to know why you’re doing certain things for a certain goal. If you just want to look better and be healthier, then you can follow each one for a few weeks and switch, see how you respond to each.

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Chuck Strogish @chuckstrogish twitter.

Top 3 Worst Fitness Mistakes You Can Make In The Gym



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