CrossFit Vs Traditional Weight Training

Let’s examine Crossfit vs traditional weight training methods to see what the pros and cons are of each.

As a fitness model, I currently am training to do advertising for Underwear in New York City) and I have a week left out of 2 weeks to be my leanest and shoot ready. Do I use Crossfit or traditional weight training methods?

My preference is traditional weight training methods and I’ll tell you why I choose that and why I don’t choose Crossfit

CrossFit Vs Traditional Weight Training

CrossFit Vs Traditional Weight Training

  • Both are effective and not a wrong choice to make here. But better?
  • Traditional weight training shows me the best results. I can effectively train certain body parts to the max, while resting body parts that need it, and I can make sure that targeted muscle is completely finished to allow the most recovery and growth.
  • With Crossfit, although you are accomplishing everything at once(strength,flexibility,fat burning,endurance,and muscle size), I don’t believe it does each one very good, but does them all a bit making it easier not to miss one of them. This is good if you need structure and like to have a new challenge each workout as they change quite frequently. They are endless combinations of exercises and time limits.
  • With traditional weight training, I can focus on a goal and see my weaknesses easier. If I want to gain muscle size, I can effectively stop cardio after and use 6-10 reps of challenging weight to work with and up my clean calorie intake. My goals are clear and so is the process. Once I achieve enough muscle size, I can introduce cardio little by little to burn the fat off, but not lose muscle. Find that perfect mix.
  • With Crossfit, finding the perfect mix is tough because you’re doing everything and with a time limit, you are hurrying up and sometimes form goes out the window. An injury will leave you recovering for a while if this happens.
  • To me, form is king. You can remain safe always with traditional weight training and it’s been proven for decades to reach any goal you have.
  • For a busy lifestyle, you can do 2 or 3 Crossfit workouts a week and you know you are generally covered for fitness for the week. You still get alot of benefits, especially if you are looking for functional strength and endurance.
  • With traditional weight training, you increase and reduce as needed, allowing you to figure out diet needs and cardio to create the artwork. Crossfit to me is covering all areas a bit, just not enough is any of them to truly to be extremely effective.

Your goals and availability have alot to do with how you should train. You can always do both. If you like new challenges and like to workout in a group setting together, Crossfit can be effective for you.

If you like to have more of a self customization of your goal, being able to target each specific muscle with working it and resting it, with ability to add in and reduce other goals, traditional weight training is your best bet.

I believe the ultimate best you can look is with traditional weight training. But it also takes more workouts and know how of how to use all the tools available to sculpt yourself.

With Crossfit, you follow the program and you make results on a more general and across the board scale.

Each have their own benefits, but for me, I can experience the best results as a fitness model striving for the lean, but achievable physique. The good news is this physique is achievable with Crossfit as well.

To be a pro bodybuilder, I don’t think it’s possible for a full time CrossFit trainer to achieve enough muscle to do so. So unless you want to be a pro bodybuilder, either will work for you.

The biggest key is to get knowledgeable, or hire a trainer, or join a Crossfit program and be consistent. Consistency will spawn a small success to start, and a small success will create alot of motivation to take it further. That’s the secret recipe.

Get consistent to get that first taste of success and know it is working, then from there, you’re unstoppable.

Fitness model Chuck Strogish

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CrossFit Vs Traditional Weight Training


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