Steps To Being Fit by Male Model Chuck Strogish

Instead of giving you a 3000 word get fit article that you will never use and be too bombarded with what to do and what not to do, I’m going to show you direct and successful steps to being fit starting today.

My name’s Chuck Strogish and I like to use my experiences as a master level personal trainer and 5 year fitness model to let readers in on what works to get their bodies more sexy and fit, and what is a waste of your time. I used a lot of these same diet and workout tips and articles on this blog to prepare and win fitness modeling castings and winning them against some of the countries best male models.

It’s not because I know anyone special or luck, it’s because a while ago, the light bulb moment came on and I knew how to look my best on a given day and stay that way, ready to win jobs and look my best.

Steps to Becoming Fit by Male Model Chuck Strogish.

Steps to Becoming Fit by Male Model Chuck Strogish.

And you can too, no matter how far away you are from what you would be your best. You probably have never seen yourself at your best.

There really isn’t any bad news here. If you don’t mind following a few get fit steps to guide you for success, you will do it and once it happens, it will turn into a habit because you know it works. If you do mind putting in the few steps of work to get there, then you don’t care about changing yourself much anyway so everyone is happy.

I want to talk to and write to those who want it, and just need a little better direction with a clear plan. Some people are skeptics and need more proof, which is understandable. I am one too in a lot of ways. But these tips to become more fit I’m about to tell you aren’t the whole book, it’s the summary to get you a clear quick path to change. A path that is guaranteed to lead you down to your goal of looking more fit and better than you ever have before.

If you read a workout plan or diet plan from a personal trainer, bodybuilders, or fitness models, you will find much of the same info in there somewhere. That is because within all the words, paragraphs, routines and diets, something is consistent because it works. No one refuses to acknowledge it and everyone mentions it in their teachings.

What are the most important tips to become more fit now?

Focus on these nuggets and use them all;

Start Eating These Fruits

  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries

Start Eating These Veggies

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms(technically a fungi, but sold as vegetables). Eat them regardless 🙂
  • Spinach

Start Eating These Protein Sources

  • Grilled Chicken(I prefer thin sliced breasts)
  • Lean steak cooked anyway rare or well done, doesn’t matter.
  • Fresh fish(tilapia,orange roughy,cod)
  • Eggs(make a bunch of hard-boiled eggs at once to keep as snacks in the fridge for when you can’t make anything else)

Start Eating These Nuts and Seeds

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Brazil Nuts

Starting Eating These Snacks

  • celery or apples and peanut butter
  • plain greek yogurt with blueberries or bananas mixed in, or crushed almonds or walnuts
  • dark chocolate moderately as a treat
  • granola and skim milk
  • ricotta cheese
  • cottage cheese

Use these to make your food taste better and not hurt progress

  • low sodium seasonings and marinades
  • lime or lemon juice
  • hot sauce
  • pepper and garlic(minced,cloves,however you like it)
  • onions and peppers
  • diced tomatoes
  • avocado
  • omega 3 butter or extra virgin olive oil
  • oil and vinegar dressing on salad
  • add any vegetable to a salad, veggies are unlimited. The power veggies and most effective are listed above.

Do each of these cardio choices once per week

  • 15 minutes full speed on exercise bike
  • 30 minutes at a fast pace on elliptical machine
  • 60 minutes fast walking on treadmill

Do each body part once per week with resistance training

  • chest,triceps,abs
  • back,biceps
  • legs,calves
  • shoulders,traps,lower abs
  • rest 3 days during the week for either cardio, busy life, or rest from cold or sickness.
  • rest 7 straight days every 2 months completely.

Daily Fitness Tasks to Become Fit Starting Now

  • Drink 1 gallon of water daily alone or with green tea extract drops for max results
  • Take a good multivitamin daily
  • Get some sun and have more sex if possible
  • Buy new workout shoes
  • keep your goals in front of you at a week away and not by the month. To swim across the river, you need to start with one stroke to make it, unless there is a bridge. There is no bridge here!

These bullet points are all very important to become fit for you. The good part is, you can now check off what you do now, and what you don’t. And what you can improve at doing, and what is easier for you to start now, or something you need to really think about soon.

The other good news is, each single bullet point you do consistently, is a big factor in making noticeable progress with your self image and the way you look and feel. They made it to this list because they work so damn well.

The workouts will all work faster by the day and not the month if you are doing everything else. And the diet is much easier to start eating these foods and be worth it to you to eat them if you are putting in all that time and energy doing the weights and cardio.

Print this out and use it as a checklist. You can check off a lot of them together, like using grilled chicken pieces and walnuts in your  spinach salad.When you get back from a cardio session listed above. Right there, there are multiple things on this list used to become fit. As a male model I use these myself to stay on track and can manipulate how I want to look and when much faster than I could before just working out.

Give it a try, become fit sooner and enjoy being  a sexier and more fit you.

Male model Chuck Strogish

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Steps to Becoming Fit by Male Model Chuck Strogish

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