Benefits of Mushrooms And Your Health You May Not Of Knew

From recent studies, there are even more reasons and benefits to eating mushrooms in your diet. Not just for fitness reasons to look better, but for your overall health.

Did you know?

Mushrooms have been found to have the ability(like humans) to produce vitamin D  from exposure to sunlight.

Next time you have a salad, don’t forget to leave your mushrooms outside in the sunlight for about an hour, and they soak up so much that only 3 mushrooms will give you your daily vitamin D amount for the day.

Mix with some type of oil or light dressing to be able to absorb all of that vitamin D up to pack a mega nutrient punch in your mushrooms.

benefits of mushrooms and vitamin d

benefits of mushrooms and vitamin d

Benefits of Mushrooms and Why To Eat Them

  • Protects kidneys and liver
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Gives you the benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D Benefits

  • Immune system regulator
  • Helps absorption of calcium for strong bones
  • Can improve testosterone levels naturally in men for more muscle and sexual health, especially if over 30 years old.
  • Involved in alot of transactions going on in your body and brain, one of the best cognitive enhancers available.
  • Increases mood from the last point made.

So now you can cheaply, and easily enjoy all of these benefits by exposing your mushrooms into sunlight an hour before you eat them.

Put them on a steak or in a salad and eat them up regularly for the most consistent benefits.

There have been alot of studies that show that mushrooms and vitamin D play a big role in losing weight as well. Even though nothing alone will help you do that, the goal is to use all avenues at once that we talk about which when combined together, will make the process much more effective and manageable for you to accomplish.

Chuck Strogish-Fitness Model and Certified Master Personal Trainer

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Benefits of Mushrooms And Your Health You May Not Of Knew

benefits of mushrooms

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