Sunflower Seeds-A Super Snack For Burning Fat

Sunflower seeds are a super snack for burning fat and I’m going to tell you why you should be munching  them.

There probably isn’t much of a better food besides sunflower seeds during the times in between meals where you might be sitting a desk or just kinda doing nothing, but you just feel like snacking. You’re not really that hungry or maybe you are, but you don’t really have an option to eat a meal right now, sunflower seeds could be your best weapon during that time for burning fat daily.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds in a Nutshell

  • Higher in Lean Muscle Promoting Protein
  • Lower in Fat Storing Carbs and Zero Sugar
  • High in Good Fats To Keep Your Body Primed For workouts
  • Higher in Fiber to Keep Your body Free of Added Pounds and Waste
  • High in Magnesium and Zinc For a Peaceful Nervous System and Healthy Immune System

Wow, now we’re talkin’! Just look at the benefits above. Can you beat that in a snack? I don’t think so.

sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds for fat burning

Just take a look above at those bullet points. They pack a huge benefit to fat burning and weight loss. Someone could say they are 190 calories per serving though and that’s too high, well that person obviously doesn’t prob look good when they say it.

The benefits of them are too great to pass up. Plus, they will give ya a full feeling pretty fast when you eat the fiber packed shells with them. The calories will be only 190 for 1/4 cup of them. That’s alot of them to eat for that much. You’ll prob only eat 100 calories worth of them in a sitting.

By eating sunflower seeds regularly while in a fitness program, you are eating a snack guaranteed to give you what you need to succeed.

Besides that, it’s so easy to get them. They are at most gas stations, and are cheap as anything you can get. And a bag will last you a while. Just throw them in your bag and take anywhere to eat at anytime.

The key to getting a fit body and burning fat is not letting yourself fall into the trap of going hours and hours without eating anything. But it’s tough to always have a eat clean meal on hand at all times, trust me I know. Unless you cook and pack all of your food and take it everywhere you go, it’s flat out tough.

That’s where sunflower seeds come in. You snack on them and get all the great benefits of fat burning foods,and it will also hold you over enough from the fiber to get to a clean meal without settling for stopping at a fast food place.

Eat up some sunflower seeds when you can’t eat a meal, and start burning fat and losing weight without even thinking about it.

It makes it easier if you enjoy them but didn’t know the benefits. If you can’t stand them, almonds are your next best bet.

Fitness Model Chuck Strogish

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Sunflower Seeds-A Super Snack For Burning Fat

Sunflower seeds

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