How To Increase Metabolism To Get Shredded Faster

To increase metabolism for our bodies to get shredded faster is like installing a turbo or supercharger on your car. What if every single workout or cardio session you have in the gym is boosted by 10%-20%?

Imagine how much faster you reach your goals of how you look and how much more efficient you are at doing it? Besides that fact, your motivation will be sky high and confidence soaring from hitting these milestones for yourself faster than attended. It is a snowball effect for success.

To get that snowball rolling, one of the most immediate and biggest actions you can take now is to increase metabolism.

How do you boost your metabolism and get shredded faster than what I’m doing?

There are a few ways, and your best bet is to use them all together to form one big rage against the machine of storing fat in your body. The key is to allow metabolism to be increased, then consistently do it, then let the cards fall where they may after you put the work in to let them fall.

Some people genetically have better metabolisms(or fat burning powers) than others. That doesn’t mean you can’t boost it, anyone can. Only a small percentage of people have the right mixture of genes to get freaky muscular and be able to hold that muscle and burn all their fat off together. Plus, most people don’t want to be freaky looking. It looks bad in a dress or suit anyway.

But lower body fat to look lean, healthy, and sexy is what we want, and that is realistically achievable.

Increase Metabolism and Get Shredded Faster By:

1.Weight Training

  • It is a fact that if you build muscle at all, your metabolism has no choice but to get a boost. Like money, the more you have the more easy it is to get. Same with muscle. Once you can build some up, you are an investor into fat burning without even moving. You burn more calories and fat sleeping than someone who doesn’t workout with weights.
  • Aim to train all body parts once a week into 3-5 workouts. Group them up differently to include(chest,shoulders,triceps,biceps,quads,hamstrings,calves,back,traps,abs,etc).
  • If 3 workouts per week, you will do more bodyparts and get more rest to build more muscle by lifting with more energy. But with 5 workouts, you can focus in on each bodypart more and burn almost twice as many calories, the perfect recipe to get shredded along with some good,clean eating. Find your perfect number from 3,4 or 5 days and then add in cardio days if you feel like maximizing fat burning for a few weeks at a time.
How To Increase Metabolism To Get Shredded Faster

How To Increase Metabolism To Get Shredded Faster

2.Increase Metabolism with Correct Water Intake Daily

  • One of the cheapest and fastest ways to boost your fat burning furnace is by drinking 1 gallon of water daily. Try it if only for a couple weeks or 14 days. Once you get used to it, it’s not that hard to do. You can half of that easily during an hour workout or cardio session.
  • To maximize this, add a few drops of green tea extract into your water each time, or in a gallon each morning to evenly add to bottles of water throughout the day.
  • Yes, it’s a little of a pain to think about your water intake, but if you want to get shredded and boost your metabolism, it’s a must. I wouldn’t mention it if it was only a tiny bit of help and not worth the time or organization throughout the day to think about. It works amazingly well.

3.Take a safe fat burner or pre workout supplement an hour before each workout

  • There are many products out there that supposedly burn fat. What actually does help and is proven? Look for products with caffeine, green tea extract, cayenne pepper,cla,B vitamins like B6 and B12, Folic Acid, Amino Acids, L-Arginine,and Creatine.
  • I can show you a few good ones to take that are a safe bet here. Yes, I earn a small commission of 5% for buying them through any links I give you, but it’s convenient and at the most well known place to get them from online. Or you can go to any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe to get them as well. I just make it convenient if you want to get it over with.
  • Some of my favorites are Jet Fuel, Lean-EFX Refined, and Bull Nox powder. I prefer powders to mix because you drink more water to reach 1 gallon during your workout, and they taste great(sometimes). Bull nox tastes amazing as do alot of watermelon or blue rasberry flavors.
  • Remember, these only help spark your metabolism, use them as the bottle says and only on days you train an hour before your cardio or workout session. Without eating cleaner or working out, these will not work except maybe to give you energy or cut down cravings.
How To Increase Metabolism To Get Shredded Faster

Supplements to Boost Metabolism From

4.Change your rest days and workout rest times

  • If you currently workout with people as partners, it may effect your calorie and fat burning waiting too long until it’s your turn to do the set. Try reducing your rest periods to very brief to keep your heart rate from going down too much.
  • If you workout 3 days a week, up it to 4 for a few weeks. This alone could increase metabolism and help you to get shredded faster.

If you follow or master even one of these tips, you will make noticeable changes to yourself for the better. Combine them all, and you have a really solid recipe to increase metabolism and get shredded very fast.

Once you boost it up, the results will keep rolling in like hitting the lottery, but it is you who made it happen by researching and reading info by those who accomplish the same goal over and over.

Try it out, and thanks for reading.

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How To Increase Metabolism To Get Shredded Faster


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