Workout Shirts That Are Water Proof and Made For The Gym To Stay Dry

If you out looking for some new workout shirts, look no further, because today you can kill two birds with one stone by saving money on your purchase and being able to sport one of Bare Fits water proof workout shirts right now.

You’ll enjoy being able to get a hard workout in and still walk around fresh and dry. It’s because Bare Fit uses the same eco-friendly technology to water proof their shirts as high end cars use to stain proof their carpets and upholstery.

Each Bare Fit Workout Shirt is individually treated to be water proof, and for you that means no sweat covered shirts working out again.

How it works is the shirt is treated and let to cure for 24 hours, thus providing an invisible and clear shield to your shirt that isn’t temporary and is now apart of your shirt.

High end stuff and ingredients are used, fro top quality water proofing to top quality materials go into a durable and sweat proofed workout shirt.

water proof workout shirts by Bare Fit model Chuck Strogish

water proof workout shirts by Bare Fit model Chuck Strogish

Being a fitness model for 5 years and going, I worked for companies doing their clothes like Under Armour,Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon, and more, and no shirt actually is water proofed completely like Bare Fits.

The design is simple, and made to be simply attractive for both sexes because the fact is, it is made for those to wear in the gym who want their workout shirt to be durable ,comfortable, and to stay freshly dry at all times.

Actually, the shirt is made to be stain proof, repelling wine, coffee, cranberry juice and any hardcore staining liquids. So with that said, how much of a problem do you think sweat and water will be for it?

No problem whatsoever.

Bare Fit Workout Shirts Prices:

  • Regular price for 1 gym shirt is $49.99. By reading this today, you can email us the code SWEAT and save 20% off instantly through our order form.
  • Or save as well by buying two shirts at $79.99, or save even more by buying 3 work out shirts for only $99 or at $33 a piece.

The Bare Fit logo in the gym is tried and tested by fitness models and endorsed by me, Chuck Strogish. My workouts are grueling to say the least, I workout with bad intentions and love the feeling of being covered in sweat from hard work.


I hate sweat covered shirts. I got to test the Bare Fit Water Proof Workout Shirt and it surprisngly kicked ass. I was dry and the shirt stayed fresh even in my gym bag for a few days.

I wouldn’t push or tell my blog about any supplement or shirt that I don’t think is quality, or worth your time doing.

Try one of these workout shirts out today and it will be shipped to your door soon. Or get it as a gift for an active kid in your family, or as a gift for a husband or wife that loves to workout alot.

Chuck Strogish. @ChuckStrogish twitter

Bare Fit Fitness Blog Author/Model

Workout Shirts That Are Water Proof and Made For The Gym To Stay Dry

Order Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt Now


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