Diet Pills That Actually Work and Are Safe To Use

Using supplements like diet pills, fat burners, pump boosters, energy pills and much more can either be an effective and safe way for you to reach a goal faster and easier, or it can be an easy way to waste your money or do harm to yourself.

By reading this article, as a fitness model, I have used quite a few of them all and can let you in on what is worth the money and what is a waste of money and time.

Without using diet pills and supplements, you can still reach your goals just as fast IF you have a really organized and on point nutrition routine and workout each week like you mean it.

The problem is….

Diet Pills That Actually Work and Are Safe To Use

Diet Pills That Actually Work and Are Safe To Use

Most don’t. With day to day activities of work, family, duties, dogs,kids,hobbies and whatever else you can name, it is difficult to eat perfectly clean all the time and get a challenging workout in consistently to reach your goal.

Most people don’t get to benefit from being able to workout professionally or have people making and guiding each meal they eat on a daily basis.

That’s where supplements and them diet pills come in.

Although it is more effective to eat as clean as you can and workout right consistently, it is better to make up for it a bit in a safe and healthy way to benefit as much as you can during your busy as hell daily lifestyle.

Here are 10 supplements that are effective at what they do, are cheap for the most part, and aren’t all necessarily diet pills, but they do the same thing.

1.Green Tea Extract

  • Probably one of the most effective and safest diet pills out there. Taking a couple green tea extract pills an hour before your workout routine will simply make you accomplish more in the same amount of time as not taking it. You will burn more calories and fat, which over the course of 100 workouts, will be a HUGE difference.


  • Take 15-30 mg of zinc daily to keep your immune system working at it’s best and let you tackle more workouts without getting a cold or sick. Also a good way for men to maintain their testosterone levels for more strength, better workouts, and more lean muscle building.

3.Vitamin D

  • Taking 1,000-5,000 mg of Vitamin D daily is effective as any diet pill out there because without adequate levels of this super vitamin, you will be in quick sand in your workouts and aim to reach your goal. It’s a must to take when on a workout program, period.

4.Amino Acids

  • Amino acids are like a super diet pill for any male or female involved with workout out. It works so good, you have to use it to see. It puts your body in results mode and an environment to improve on every workout you do. They are found in lean protein sources and foods like spinach. But you need to consume these before and right after your workout. So having those food sources available at all times is tough to do. So the best way to tackle it is taking a “diet pill” form supplement of it.
  • A great one I use because it works so well at cutting fat and keeping lean muscle is Amino Fuel Liquid by TwinLab. You can take a sip out of the bottle before and after workouts and all done in seconds. Just keep it in your gym bag ready to be in results mode at all times.


  • Melatonin allows you to sleep well when taken every night before bed. It resets your clock so that you get rest on time and wake up early feeling fresh. It has alot of studied benefits and completely safe. Take 1-10 mcg before bed. Usually 3 5 or 10 works great.


  • Magnesium is something so important that most people are low in, especially if you workout. The more you workout, the less you have spare in your body to use. Take magnesium before bed with zinc together for max benefits. Take anywhere from 250-500 mg to be effective. If you take too much, you will have the runs letting you know to drop the dose a bit.

7.Fish oil

  • Fish oil is another super diet pill. The natural oils found in fresh fish are megs nutrients and promote fat loss, weight loss, reduces inflammation and is extremely good for your brain and joints.
  • Taking fish oils is necessary for anyone training with joint problems or anyone over 30 who want to preserve their joints later on. It lubricates your joints allowing for more free movement with chance of injury. It’s like keeping your cars oil changed on time. Your gas mileage improves and the car runs and functions much smoother.

8.Vitamin C

  • Only take Vitamin C in doses of 1,000 mg at a time a couple to few times a day. Even once a day is fine. You can only absorb that much at a time studies say, or else you will be wasting your money taking more.
  • Vitamin C will keep the free radicals you get from working out to a minimum allowing you to get faster and better results. A penny saved is a penny earned, right. But in this case, it’s worth more than a penny taking Vitamic C if you’re workout bound every week.

9.L Arginine

  • Always take L Arginine from 1 to 5 grams before you workout. This allows you to get the benefits of allowing more nutrients to flood inside your muscles to make each workout more effective. Plus the added benefits for males or females is, it will make you look much better during your wourkout for added motivation! Instant results to push you to the next workout.


  • Caffeine speeds up your metabolism. The problem is people put too much sugar or creamer in their coffee eliminating the benefits. Take caffeine spread out to use earlier in the day or before workouts to boost calorie and fat burning.
  • many pre workout supplements have caffeine in them to do this, just avoid high amounts too much or else you will get a receptor burn out. Had that happen before and caffeine won’t matter much until you cut it out for a week or so to allow them to be receptive to caffeine to be beneficial again.

All of these 10 diet pills so to speak are proven effective and will help you a great deal. Now you know how much to take, what to take, and when to take it. By themselves with a bad diet plan and not much working out, they will still keep you healthier and having more energy.

But combine them with some clean eating and some challenging workouts, and you have some serious increased results. Which means results reached at a higher level then you thought they would, and at a faster rate than you thought.

This article is meant as opinion from a fitness model and personal trainer, and not meant to diagnose or treat any conditions.

By Fitness Model Chuck Strogish, @ChuckStrogish on Twitter for more fitness tips.

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Diet Pills That Actually Work and Are Safe To Use

Fast shipping and high quality supplements mentioned above

Fast shipping and high quality supplements mentioned above


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