How To Boost Your Brain,Body and Immune System

To boost your brain, body, and immune system together, there are several ways to help a great deal. Read to find out how now.

A recent study on mice shows that by exercising or working out for 30 plus minutes, a gene kicks on to stimulate processes in the brain for added improvement. The benefits are immediate and says that it is worth mentioning because this specific study is more than likely to correlate to humans as well.

That means a challenging workout will boost your brain, but it also true that when you exercise, you are improving your body and it’s strength,appearance,and health.

But at the same time, your immune system takes a hit when exercising, which calls for the right amount of rest.

Boost Yourself Today

Boost Yourself Today

Which then, when resting to build up your immune system, your brain will no longer get the benefit of that gene being activated during 30 minute exercise and calls for another bout of exercise to start the cycle again.

The key is to maximize what you’re doing, while minimizing the losses. Sounds kind of like someone that is successful at the stock market, or someone who is a professional juggler.

From a professional fitness models perspective, it is necessary to balance all of these to be in all around top shape. Scientists of all kinds will tell you that within a cell, there are billions of things that need to line up all the time to function correctly. And like killing a mosquito if you were to swat it, disorganizes those complex actions within it to “kill it”. But with exercise to humans, you are building up one thing a great deal, to very slightly reduce in another one.

Like a video game, to build up one characters attributes, usually another one will slightly decline, don’t you hate that?!

But it’s true, in order to boost your brain, body, and immune system all together, you need the right organization to manage it correctly.

If managed correctly, the end result is of course faster and better mental, physical, and visual results obvious to you from how you feel, and to those around you to how you look.

To boost your brain, you need to exercise for 30 minutes consistently. How much is too much? You can tell by your body and immune system. If you work out 5 days a week for a few weeks and you get a cold, it is time to take a break to allow your immune system to rebuild. While your brain is now declining, it is built up from all them workouts to still make a very nice profit on your brain function.

The same goes with your body here, it seems as brain and body is on one side of the see saw, and your mood, motivation and immune system is on the other.

A good system to follow right now.

Supplements to take daily for all functions:

  • multivitamin-This will make sure everything is operating correctly, allowing you to get the most benefits from each, and reducing the decline when you’re working on the others.
  • Fish oil-Eating fresh fish often or taking a fish oil supplement daily will allow your brain to improve while burning fat(helping your body), and preventing immune system to decline as much from exercise.
  • Water-With exercising 30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week, you need more water than the normal person. Without it, the multivitamin and foods you eat won’t absorb as well, and if you get close to being dehydrated, your body will go into survival mode and start holding on to your fat and not burning it. Aim to drink a gallon of water a day to maximize results.

Exercise 3-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes for about 2 months or 8 weeks before taking

  • 1 full week off to recover

Taking a week off every 2 months or so is the ideal number to allow your immune system to rebuild, let your body profit from the exercise routine, and also minimize the brain decline from lack of working out.

With that mix of supplements to use, rest, and exercise amount, you will have effectively learned how to boost your brain,body, and immune system all in one swoop!

You’ll be in control of each cell with billions of complex happenings going on inside it to be efficient, healthy, feeling and looking better, and feeling on top of your game at all times.

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How To Boost Your Brain,Body and Immune System


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