Tilapia-The Best Fish For Fitness Results?

It’s pretty well known that fish like tilapia, orange roughy,cod, and salmon top the charts in the fitness world because they work so damn well.

But why is  fish so tremendously effective at all the good benefits like burning fat, weight loss, building and repairing muscle, and brain function?

And what fish is the best exactly? Tilapia? Orange Roughy? Cod? Salmon?  Let’s do a comparison and get a verdict now.

All compared at 3 ounces of each to keep the serving amounts similar.

Tilapia-The Best Fish For Fitness Results?

Protein Content:


Orange Roughy-19





Orange Roughy-0



Good Fats:


Orange Roughy-1





Orange Roughy-89



Allen Timothy Chang, aka Allentchang at en.wikipedia

Allen Timothy Chang, aka Allentchang at en.wikipedia

And the fish bread winner for the ultimate fitness food is…..

we have a tie.

Sorry. But a good tie as some good news because they are all extremely fantastic fitness fish choices. If I had to subtract one from the list, I would say cut out the salmon. Even though it is the best for brain function from all the high amounts of fish oils and good fats, I would aim for one of the others for weight loss and getting lean muscle.

Which would I choose? As a fitness model I prefer to use tilapia.


Simply because I know how well it works from experience, and I like the taste of it.

A quick tilapia recipe I love is to marinate 2 tilapia filets inside low sodium soy sauce with some salt and pepper. Then cook low on stove top with a side of omega 3 butter asparagus. Delicious and extremely results driven. You will notice, feel, and see the results of your body combined with an exercise workout plan for yourself.

Cod, and orange roughy are also effective as much. It basically comes down to the taste and your preference. Just buy the bags of fish frozen and eat it once or twice a day.

Notice the supercharged feeling knowing your body is in maximized results mode!

Another side is to add it in some brown rice to get your healthy carbs, since fish has no carbs at all making it amazing with the good fat and high protein content.

If you talk to any any professional bodybuilder, fitness model, or personal trainer and ask them the top 5 fitness foods possible, they will all include on of these fish in there.

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Tilapia-The Best Fish For Fitness Results? Yes. Absolutely.


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