Coffee Benefits For An Attractive,Low Fat Body

Let’s talk about coffee today, specifically the benefits of for fitness reasons. Whether you drink coffee or not, or you might be open to it if it has real benefits for your efforts in the gym, it’s worth learning what it can do you for you if used at the right times and in the right way.

Over 50% of the population drinks coffee, or 400 plus million cups of java is drank every single day. That number is probably higher because I think that was taken from 2012. Definitely higher than that, but you get the idea.

Bodybuilders, fitness models like me, and anyone who steps foot in a weight room, yoga class, or cross fit arena is relying on lots of caffeine for many reasons.

Of course coffee is going to be better tasting then other forms of caffeine, but it also has risks to being a liability to your fitness goals as well.

How to use coffee the right way now:

  • Drink it before weight training or cardio, and either drink it black(gross to me) or be smart about what you put in it. If you absolutely must have sugar, cut it in half of what you usually do. if you use two teaspoons of sugar and cream, then switch to skim milk and a teaspoon of sugar. If not sweet enough for you, add a packet of splenda to it.
  • That difference right there is huge in the long run over the course of a year to the amount of carbs and sugar you consume if an everyday coffee drinker.
  • There’s one way to cut your sugar and carbs down right there easily. To me, one teaspoon od sugar in my coffee and a packet of Splenda isn’t much difference in taste than two teaspoons of sugar. You can use a sugar free flavored creamer too instead of the regular. or just use skim milk if it doesn’t bother you much.
  • The benefits to drinking your coffee that was is huge enough to do it. Absolutely.

How to use coffee the wrong way:

  • Do the opposite of what the last paragraph said above. Double your sugar, fats, and carbs and sweeten the hell out of your coffee multiple times a day to destroy the benefits of it.

Coffee Benefits For An Attractive,Low Fat Body

  • Caffeine found in coffee will boost your metabolism, or the furnace inside of you that decides how efficient you are at burning fat and calories.
  • If you drink it daily, you will burn more calories and fat doing the same exercise as someone who does not. Good stuff, eh?
  • If you drink a cup of joe before a 60 minute cardio session first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, imagine how effective your body is at burning calories and fat for that hour? Amazing. That’s why bodybuilders or fitness models needing to get extra lean will do exactly that.
  • Coffee is cheap(compared to other supplements). -You can buy a product like Hydroxycut or whatever and the goal is the same, it will maximize your fat and calorie burning, but coffee is 80% cheaper to do, and tastes good as well. Does the same trick.
  • Energy levels are like a roller coaster throughout the day, if you use coffee the right way, and use it at times your body isn’t giving you natural energy boosts, you can rarely ever feel tires if you combine with exercise and eat highly effective fitness foods like these on my other articles.

Now that you know the real benefits of drinking coffee, now you can either keep doing what you’re doing and add in some timely cardio to maximize it. Or you can see how you currently drink it, and see how you can make it a powerful fitness drink. Especially if you drink it everyday anyway.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model For Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts

Coffee Benefits For An Attractive,Low Fat Body


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