Oblique Routine To Compliment Toned Abs and Core

Read on below for an oblique routine sure to compliment your core and help to show abs much easier.

What do obliques do exactly and how do you work them?

Your oblique muscles are found on the sides of your abs so to speak, they are responsible for many core functions and should be treated as importantly as abs to make a toned core maximized for results.

If you use an effective oblique routine once or twice a week, you will notice results soon as you start to burn some fat on the sides of your core complimenting your abs and chest alot.  By the way, this is suited for both sexes as it really looks good when done effectively.

Oblique Routine For a Toned Core:

  • Lay on the floor as if you were sleeping on your side with your knees bent in bed. You will put your hand on the top of your head to give you a bit of an assist on raising your head up to your side. It may take a bit to get the motion and form down, as it is a very short motion but will target your obliques nonetheless very effectively. Aim to do 4 sets of 15 for each side.
  • If you have a medicine ball or even something that is a light weight, stand up straight and hold the weight straight out to the side of you and above you a bit. Then you will bend to the side as a crunch. Do a few of them first to  get the feeling in your oblique muscle before you continue. It is a crunch basically like you are just bending from your upper body only to the side a bit. You should feel it if done right. Do 3 sets of 20 reps for each side.
  • Another variation of this is to hold two dumbbells that are light weight, while you are seated on a bench or chair. Hold them naturally to your sides, while facing straight, let one dumbbell drop lower to your side so that you are bending at your waist line and crunching your oblique. Do each side for 20 reps and 3 sets as well. It shouldn’t be about alot of weight, make sure your form is right on and improve slowly from there.
  • Finally, you can add in core rotations to finish it off. Some gyms have these machines, or you can do it just standing up. Stand up with feet about shoulder width apart. Put your arms up in the air like you wear to do a pull up with the air, and turn your body in place slowly as far as you can, back to center, then repeating to the other side. Do 15 reps for 3 sets slowly.

Adding this oblique routine into your workout plans once or twice a week will give your abs and chest a more toned and complete look. It really sets of your body from the front, back, and sides and automatically makes you look very fit if you have oblique muscles showing.

It doesn’t take alot of weight or much to do it besides consistently adding these into your weekly workout plans. Along with eating clean and a solid workout program and cardio sessions, you will start to see toned oblique muscles on the sides much faster than not working them much except when they are involved in other exercises as a sub muscle group.

Photo by Rob Swatski, Assistant Professor of Biology, Harrisburg Area Community College - York Campus, York, PA. Email: rjswatsk@hacc.edu

Photo by Rob Swatski, Assistant Professor of Biology, Harrisburg Area Community College – York Campus, York, PA. Email: rjswatsk@hacc.edu

Follow this oblique routine used by professionals such as fitness models and bodybuilders along with smart nutrition tips and fat burning cardio for max results.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

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Oblique Routine To Compliment Toned Abs and Core

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