Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Minded People

Valentines Day is around the corner and it’s the best time to get someone you love gifts they can’t wait to begin using. Why waste your time on crap that’s unpractical or is the same ole, same ole?

With these Valentines Day ideas for fitness minded people, you can make someone extremely happy who already is a consistent gym go’er, or you can spark more motivation for them to be healthier and more fit by wanting to use what you get them.

Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Minded People-Make Em Love You Forever With Gifts That Show You Care About Them and Their Health

  • New Running Shoes– Nice fitness or running shoes today aren’t necessarily cheap. New Balance shoes can cost upwards of $200 now days and what girl or guy doesn’t love nice shoes? Get them these and they can actually use them for a long time and think of you everytime they work out or do cardio ;-P
  • A gym membership trial or a fitness retreat-Anytime you get to get away from the stresses of life to go exercise more is one hell of a gift, that no one usually will buy for themselves often. So to get one, it’s even better because a fitness oriented membership at a nice gym or retreat will allow someone to step away and get the chance to wonder how they stopped working out so much and remember how good it makes them feel. Plus, they’ll never forget you for doing that for them!
  • Sign Up For a Fitness Bootcamp Together For Couples– This will allow you to both get in shape while spending time together. You get the gift, but can use it yourself as well, and the goal is to make it a habit so once the bootcamp ends, you have a ritual of working out consistently, if not together, it will least be a fun time and leave you more sexy and attracted to each other afterwards.

Stand out with a unique gift for your Valentines Day special someone by killing two birds with one stone and not only giving that unique gift, actually give them something they can use and wanted but might not of gotten it for themselves. It may change their lives and open a new interest to them that will last a lifetime and leave them healthier, sexier, and closer to you.


Give them a try, even just a pair of nice fitness or running shoes will be a far better gift in so many ways than the old chocolate, bear, pajamas, or flowers type deal.

Another good one is to give her or him a new bike to ride on the trails with you, which can be used to enjoy the nice, sunny days and use it over and over while getting in better shape as well.  Or if you don’t want to spend that much, order them our Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt. It looks great on both males and females, and will keep them completely sweat proof during sweaty workouts.

Hope you enjoy these fitness Valentines Day ideas, and try em out, see how happy they are to get them. just from being more motivated to work out more from wanting to use their new fitness shoes, bootcamp class, or bike.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt

Fitness Model

Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Minded People


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