T shirts That Are Sweat Proof And Tested By Fitness Model Chuck Strogish

Hey guys, Chuck Strogish here. I’m writing a blog post today to let you know about t shirts that are sweat proof and stain resistant that I tested for Bare Fit before I decided to endorse them.

I learned alot from starting as a master level personal trainer, then to living in New York City as a fitness model working for lots of brands I always would wear anyway. Then to writing a fitness blog that helped alot of people around the world.

I decided to endorse Bare Fit’s sweat proof t shirts after using them for 14 workouts straight. I modeled for Under Armour clothes over 50 times and love the clothes, but never had a shirt that actually was so practical and good at what it does.

I worked out, and I mean hard, like usual for 14 days straight with the shirt. And it’s amazing how it just stays dry no matter what. You can literally see the pellets of sweat just beading up like a waxed car does and sliding right off the t shirt like it never happened.

Another thing I loved about the t shirt, is that if I leave it in my gym bag, it doesn’t smell bad and stays much like a new shirt to be worn again. Usually,  if I forget to bring a shirt to wear, I would have to just take one for the team and wear the smelly, sweat drenched t shirts that are laying around inside my gym bag.

And it drives me nuts…

I was excited to grab a t shirt that holds up through sweat filled workouts and bails me out if I forgot to bring my gym clothes with me to workout. You can have one less worry day to day at the gym, and concentrate on reaching all the goals you have for your body.

Most of the posts on here are fitness articles, workout routines, diet plans that work, and different fitness tips for you to use and save alot of time.

Skip trial and error and read advice that you can have peace of mind that it will work because it was needed to work for me as a professional fitness model. I use or have used the fitness info to get, keep and do well in fitness modeling jobs for well known companies and I love to help as many people as possible be more sharp in getting to their goals much faster.

Even though the fitness articles are completely free for you to use, once in a while, I will post an article about the sweat proof t shirts available so that everyone can have the chance to benefit from using it to workout in.

The Difference Is In the Secret Ingredients;

  • Each Bare Fit Sweat Proof T-shirt is individually treated by hand. the same ingredients used to protect high end cars carpeting and upholstery are used to create a high end and protected t shirt designed for nothing else but to last through challenging workouts, cardio sessions, and let you stay completely dry at all times.
  • The design of our shirts make it so men and women can wear them. They are intentionally simple, subtle, high quality, and the small logo is all you need to show that you are protected by a serious  sweat shield.  Like the logo of a Porsche shows quality, performance, and only available to those that want something special, the Bare Fit T shirts aim to be the same compared to all other workout apparel.
  • Usually for a fitness model, you put on a shirt or pants, and they use you based on your looks and how you fit their advertising.
  • With Bare Fit, they made sure the shirt is able to handle any workout someone can throw at them, so they decided to use a fitness model like me(Chuck Strogish) who tests it to make sure you are getting beyond quality and a shirt that will exceed your expectations.

Instead of Donating, Buy the Bare Fit T Shirt Today.

1 Sweat Proof Shirt is $49.99, but 2 is only $79, and if you buy 3 for family or friends, it is only $99 at $33 a shirt.

Stay tuned for daily fitness articles totally free to supercharge your diet, workout routines, supplement knowledge and crush your fitness goals much faster than before.

Chuck Strogish

Fitness Model for Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts



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