Why Asparagus Quietly Dominates All Other Fitness Foods

Have you ever looked over a fitness magazine online or in print carefully paying attention to diets and workout programs of those who have great success?

If you landed on this article, I’m sure you have at some point. If you look close enough, and even try it yourself, you will notice how fitness models,bodybuilders, and personal trainers all have different approaches to different goals, and theories change often to adapt to more success.

But what remains constant? I will tell you that asparagus included in a diet to get lean is one of them. Why is that?

Why Asparagus Quietly Dominates All other Fitness Foods

  • If you look at diets, for anyone competing or doing organized nutrition to reach a goal for competition, a few things remain constant. Everyone is going to need to get leaner or dryer looking at one point in their goals. Asparagus will be used across the board for these fitness goals of getting leaner because it works so ridiculously well.

As a fitness model myself, I worked over 100 paid jobs with companies needing you to be in shape fast. Some like Under Armour, Dicks Sporting Goods, Freshpair.com,UnderGear.com,C-in2.com,BareNecessities.com, Amazon Soccer, and a bunch more.

I always had at least a few days to get in my best shape, and just needed to get a bit leaner to look my best in 3-7 days. First thing that comes to mind? Go out and start eating lots of fresh fish like tilapia or orange roughy, some grilled chicken, and ALOT of asparagus.

Asparagus has very powerful detox and water draining properties in it to leave you looking leaner fast. Your body holds water(some more than others) and it really hurts your ability to get leaner looking unless you have a way to drain it out.

By using asparagus, you can easily drain all that extra water hiding in your skin covering your abs and muscle tone. It is extremely healthy and as effective and less risky than using a strong pill to help cut water. By less risky, I mean you won’t get as dehydrated as you would with the pill like Xpel to name an example.

As long as you drink at least a gallon of water per day while eating asparagus as alot of your sides with meals, you won’t get dehydrated even though you are getting rid of water by large amounts.

How To Make Asparagus With Your Meals:

1. Buy a stalk or two fresh. Cut the stalks about half way down and cut into half inch pieces or so.

2.Add the asparagus into a stove top pan on low heat mixed with a small amount of omega 3 butter and pepper.

3. Cook on low heat covered with a lid to steam it until ready. Add the pieces to some egg whites and salsa, as a side to a couple slices of tilapia, or even with your lean steak.

The benefit is you can order asparagus as your side at any steak house, or use it in alot of different ways.

If your goal is to become leaner faster, your biggest friend is using asparagus. Talk to any professional who needs to get lean as their job, and I bet each one of them have different ways of getting there.

But a few things remain constant, because they work so well.

And one of them tricks and “secrets” is……yes…..asparagus.


Chuck Ryan Strogish

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirt Fitness Model


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