BMI Calculator-Reasons Not To Waste Your Time

Good morning guys. Going to give you some fitness tips on using measurement tools like a scale or BMI calculator. Anyone from professional athletes, to fitness models, to bodybuilders, to anyone just looking to improve themselves know that it’s smart to measure your success somehow. Without measuring how you’re doing, how do you know that you’re heading in the right direction?

Like a blogger wanting to work from home, you are given stats on how you’re doing that are effective. Without them, one may just give up after a few months not seeing much change or improvements, but with them, it allows you to break out of the line where most might stop, and continue to where fewer make it for more success.

It’s the same with working out and dieting, you need to know where you’re headed to balance is the reward worth more than the work put in or risk. Some work great at doing that, and some just don’t.

Why not to waste your time with a BMI Calculator, or Body Mass Index Tool.

  • You can try one out here for yourself free at  if you’d like when you’re done reading this blog post.Type in your height and weight to get a number to fall into.
  • These are a waste of time in my opinion and only should be for fun or craps and giggles. Here is why;
  • The number you get don’t really tell you much to improve. If a bodybuilder that is 5’10 and weighs 300 lbs in muscle with 4% bodyfat, he will appear as obese on the scale. We all know that he isn’t obese. And you can be in great shape as well if you appear off the scale of normal weight in any direction. So what works better?
  • Try using a Body Fat Caliper. They are cheap, easy to use and very accurate. They will tell you more accurately how close you are to your body fat percentage. This improves you because you now have a realistic number of trying to work at from knowing where you are.
  • Measuring yourself with measuring tape also works well for weight loss. To measure yourself, measure around your chest under your armpits for chest, then waist is just under your belly button, and then for hips, it is the widest part around your butt to the front. From there you can, aim for the numbers you’d like to achieve from others numbers. Much more effective at reaching new goals then using a BMI calculator tool.

Not saying a BMI Calculator is a scam or anything, it is good at not telling you a whole lot, I’ll give it that. But for anyone serious about reaching goals and needing concrete evidence of where they stand, I would skip the BMI and grab a body fat caliper for fat percentage or measurement tape for weight loss or muscle mass with the chest measurement.

You can simply use a weight scale of course if cutting weight for an event or take before and afters if you have some time for a longer, more distant fitness goal.

If you’re unsure of how to use a body fat caliper or measure yourself, you can easily walk into a gym and ask any personal trainer there to show you. They will be more than happy to usually.

Now that you know your options and effectiveness of them from a fitness model perspective, you can be more sharp in using the right tools to help you reach your ideal body image the fastest you can.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

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