5 Minute Get Lean Recipe You Won’t Find On The Food Network

Being people who want to look their best and go out of the norm of an average body, we are always searching for ways to combine recipes that are simple,fast, make you leaner, while being tasty.

Although this get lean recipe might not sound or look good enough to be on the food network, it remains delicious, simple to make, and will make your body in fat burning mode to be leaner than ever. Read on to use it for yourself.

This 5 minute get lean recipe won’t be on the food network anytime soon, lol, but it is consistently a “secret trick” used by professional fitness models and bodybuilders every day to prepare for paid shoots and competitions. If it works so well, why not just use it to supercharge your own body to be leaner and more defined than before.

Here’s the ingredients to get lean with 5 minutes of cooking;

  • 1 small container of egg white liquid(50 grams of protein worth)
  • Bit of omega 3 butter
  • Salsa(hot or mild)
  • Walnut halves
  • 1 slice of toast

Simply cook the egg white liquid  stove top with the little bit omega 3 butter to not let it stick to the pan.

When done, top with a few teaspoons of mild or hot salsa, and top that with walnut halves to mix up in your eggs.

Add a bit of omega 3 butter to your 1 slice of toast to enjoy with your get lean meal.


Here you have it, around 50 grams of protein, 5 grams of omega 3 good fat and 12 grams of carbs from toast to start your day in complete fat burning mode. Those numbers are the recipe that burning fat and creating a defined and sexy body are made of. And better yet, it’s delicious and super simple to make.

If you enjoy this meal once a day at anytime, you are already much closer to reaching the ideal high protein, lower fat and low carb day. This allows you to build muscle and burn more fat throughout the day with a workout involved.

The ideal times to eat it is when you don’t usually eat like breakfast, after a workout session, or even as a before bed meal if you subtract the toast.

Eating this meal once a day for a week straight or two while being somewhat smart about your choices the rest of the day, along with a workout will spawn dramatic results. it’s not used by fitness models and bodybuilders who need the best way to win or land a job for nothing. This is a tip that anyone who works out and has the goal of getting their best body should implement into their daily life.

Try it out, only 5 minutes to make your get lean recipe that actually doesn’t taste like complete crap.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

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