The Benefits of Zinc and Magnesium To Getting Your Ideal Body Image

Zinc and magnesium are two very powerful  gems to use when you have the goal of trying to obtain your ideal body image.  They both do important jobs in their own right and is worth learning and using them in your day to day workout routines. Learn how to use them and reap the benefits almost instantly.

Being a fitness model, it is pretty competitive and any male or female fitness model or bodybuilder can tell you that. So it is important to wisely approach all your training, dieting, and supplement usage on a daily basis.

But these are to get max results competitively, what if you just want to improve? Then read on to learn the same way fitness models and bodybuilders use zinc and magnesium to supercharge results faster than before so that you can use them the same way for yourself.

The benefits of zinc and magnesium, and how to use them properly for getting your ideal body image

  • Zinc/Why/When/How Much?-Zinc is so important because it with training your body, you break it down. Only for so long can you keep up with it before needing rest. Zinc makes sure your immune system is maximized to endure training session after training session so that you are benefiting from the training and not just breaking down your body inside and out. The best time to take it is before bed and at 15-35 mg. You can take up to 50 mg a day but only 50 is needed if during when you have a cold or sick. 15-35 daily will assure you’re getting the right amounts safely.
  • Magnesium/Why/When/How Much?-Magnesium is so important, it is involved in almost every nerve and tiny little impulse in your body, that when not getting enough, you will be in quick sand with your training results without knowing why. When you weight train, you cause minor “damage” to your nerves and muscles, which when rested and nurtured properly, will increase and come back better than before. Magnesium helps these damaged muscles understand it’s time to rest and recover for the next session. You will sleep better and recover better while your magnesium levels are at a good level. Your training and cardio will be more effective and you will be more motivated to train from noticing faster and quicker results. The harder and more you train, the less magnesium you have in you. You get them from foods like spinach, but it is wise to supplement to make sure you have enough. It is also smart to take it before bed with zinc together. How much magnesium to take every night? Anywhere from 250-500 mg is ideal. it’s easy to know if you take too much. You will simply have the runs. Nothing crazy, but then you can lower it a bit until you don’t. If you take 500 mg and don’t have the runs and feel fine, you must train hard and need it badly. You can easily take 250 mg or so and then combined with the foods you eat which carries magnesium, you will be around that number anyway.

There are products that have zinc and magnesium together called ZMA, but you can also take each by themselves together before bedtime each night.

Zinc and magnesium taken is basically like someone asking you if you want to boost the time it takes to reach a fitness goal by 10 or 20%, would you? Of course, because you put so much effort in after working all day or getting away from family to get your workout in. make sure you are making the most out of it and getting the benefits by using these two extremely powerful and healthy supplements.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model for the Bare Fit Sweat Proof T-Shirt and Online Fitness Blog


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Zinc and Magnesium To Getting Your Ideal Body Image

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  2. Thanks Todd. I have heard of it before, but never taken it. You take it?


  3. Great reading. Have your heard of the “myers cocktail”????


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