“Walking Dead” Fat Burning Cardio Routine To Tone Your Butt

Not all effective cardio to melt fat off your body requires you to run, jog, or even walk around the mall in a hurry before the store opens. You know what I’m talking about right? Mix it up by “Walking Dead“. Learn how now.

This fat burning cardio routine doesn’t really have a name, but it works. So I like to call it the Walking Dead because it requires you to only walk like a zombie slowly. But nonetheless, it works fantastically.

Here’s how it’s done and why it’s so effective at burning fat and toning your butt.

  • Use a treadmill and set the incline all the way up as far as it goes. Usually to 14 or 15 or so.
  • Set the speed low so that you can take long lunge like slow steps. The speed can vary based on your current shape, but it should always be much slower than typical cardio on a flat surface. Make it so it is challenging, but still allows you to walk like someone on the Walking Dead, ha.
  • Do 30 minutes in a session and for max results, do 60 minutes.
  • Alternate between lunges of 10 reps per leg every few minutes and feel your butt and legs doing the work.  Drink green tea extract inside 32 ounces of water during your workout each time.

This angle will allow all the focus to be on your butt, challenging and toning the muscles for a nice looking butt. You can either enhance the speed slowly, or upgrade your length of cardio from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to 60 minutes. And also upgrade from 3 sessions per week, to 4, to 5.

This “Walking Dead” routine I like to call it will make you hit different muscles than typical cardio and you will feel/notice it after. It makes you have one hell of a workout to burn fat without the fast pace cardio most are used to.

Try out 30 minutes at a 2.0 speed and see how you feel? if to easy, crank it up to 2.5 or more to make sure you still can take slower lunges with good form focusing on your hamstrings and butt naturally.

Awesome workout! Use it and you shall see.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

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