Paleo Diet Pros and Cons From a Fitness Model

The Paleo Diet or also known as the caveman diet is hugely popular in the world right now, and probably will be for a long time.

Diet fads come and go, and usually any diets that tend to lean extreme in any direction tends to vanish off the face of the planet. But the people who make them have made all their money and don’t really care, because it’s on to the next money making scam. Making money isn’t the problem, but the problem is they just flat out don’t work.

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Out of the 200 plus fitness articles I’ve written, it is very rare to even write about a diet fad. But the Paleo Diet is different. Why is the Paleo Diet  different than the rest? The answer is……

Because it works. It is a solid nutrition organizational platform to follow that has few leaks in it’s system. Hell, if it worked for the cavemen then, why would it fail now? Those guys lived a long time for not having medicine or the security we do. Their diet was what they had available, in it’s unprocessed and richest form.

So why don’t we do it? Too many pitfalls and temptations is the problem. That will never go away, but neither will the Paleo Diet.

Here are pros and cons of the Paleo Diet for you from my opinion as a fitness model. I have experimented and tried almost all of them at one point mind you.

We’ll start with the cons because well, there just isn’t a whole lot of them or else I wouldn’t be telling my readers to use it. Ha.  Here are two cons:

  • Watch your salt(sodium) intake- Salt is avoided in the Paleo Diet, which is good and bad. Although you want to avoid processed and salty foods, avoiding salt all together can give you noticeable side effects. Light headedness and nausea  is one of them. Cutting out salt needs to be done right and remember to sprinkle some salt on your meals here and there to avoid this con.
  • Fresh fruits are unlimited- Yes, fruits and vegetables(especially vegetables) are the staple of any diet because they are what they are, healthy. But fruits are different. They have many, many benefits and are delicious. But the sugar is the other con. Keeping your sugar low is a good recipe for weight loss, and being healthier. Do not avoid fruits, eat lots of berries and apples. But strawberries, watermelon, etc can hurt your efforts to look your best from sugar spikes and fat storage.


  • Very simple and effective structure of eating what you can kill, pick, or harvest basically. Lots of lean meats, veggies, nuts, and seeds are on the menu. Lots of options to pick from and pretty easy to follow.
  • You can have alot of different items and never get stale. You automatically cut alot of carbs out of your diet with this, and your proteins and healthy fats are higher as they should be.
  • This is a great diet for gym goers and fitness people. Your body transformation can be supported easily while on this diet.
  • Lots and lots of pros here besides these few which is why the Paleo Diet will last for a long, long time.

The Paleo or “Caveman” Diet is one of them diets that I wouldn’t really call a “diet” in a sense. It is more organized eating for certain goals, which all goals can be obtained with it making it very effective to use.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

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